Jul 31, 2012

Solo Top Nunu: New FOTM??

Earlier today, Gizmo, a 2k ELO player posted on his blog about a new champion build he was working on perfecting: Solo top Nunu.

He tried out Rod of Ages/Banshee, but it didn't work out too well. However, with his new Athene's Unholy Grail + Glacial Shroud + Hextech Revolver build, he thinks he's got the right idea!

I gave it a whirl earlier and went up against an Irelia, a Malphite, and a Darius.

Irelia and Malphite were a CINCH, but I did lose to Darius after falling prey to several ganks. It's very easy to get overzealous with Nunu and play a little too aggressively.

I think it's a very viable build, and it reminds me of Yorick: high sustain, high harass, and a massive buff for your AD carry late game.

Read up more about it on his original blog post located HERE


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  1. I wonder if you could just get Chalice and move on to Glacial Shroud earlier for mitigation - Athene's kinda pricey.

  2. He said he goes Shroud only if he needs the armor earlier in lane. Grail's also got the fiendish codex component which gives Nunu a lot of helpful stats :)

  3. I saw a guy go top nunu a few weeks ago and DESTROYED a renekton

  4. What would you do with runes for this? magic pen marks, armour seals and glyphs and ability power quints? or go for some early brawling damage with ad marks and quints?

  5. Yep, I go for the AP runes, his last hitting is pretty decent even without AD marks/Quints.

  6. Hello,

    2 and an half months no update? I would like to see more FotM articles. And isn't Ezreal FotM now? I see him every game.

  7. Good idea! I'll write one up now~


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