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Jun 20, 2012

Xerath Ult Bug + Baron/Dragon Stealth Buff/Glitch?

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Along with the 15 hour downtime on League of Legends, this new patch for League of Legends seems to have its share of undocumented changes. Are they glitches? Or are they stealth changes? If they're stealth changes, they don't seem very stealthy to me.

Glitch 1: Xerath Ult now has a delay between his ultimates.

Hey there, 
Thanks for the report. This is not really intentional. We have/had no intention to nerf Xerath, nor to hide such a change from you guys. 
AFAIK the intent of the change was to make the animation match the particle, but of course the gameplay impact is important as well. I can near-guarantee that we'll rectify this.
RiotPhreak - Source

Oh thank goodness.

Glitch 2: Baron's Attack Speed is greatly increased, and now spams knockback.

Needless to say, this now makes Baron incredibly hard to beat while contested, and if this is a permanent change, will definitely move games away from a central fight over Baron. On the other hand, it doesn't seem to happen every game, but from anecdotal evidence it seems to be more common pre-30 minute mark.

Thought you'd get rid of me eh? Well I sold Baron Nashor 2 phantom dancers and a T-force as a going away present...heh heh...

Glitch 3: Dragon does 0 damage if you stand close enough to him

This one was sent to me via twitter by Rellskii, apparently dragon's been doing 0 damage to heroes if you stand close enough. This one's clearly a bug :P

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  1. Oh riot so bad.. you'll have to give me free RP for this.. or "I'll stop playing league of legends" (?) LoL..
    funny bugs


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