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May 10, 2012

Thoughts on Top Lane Kayle FOTM


If you haven't seen it already, Kayle is the new top solo flavor of the month after a release and update on his top solo Kayle guide by Rincent.

Kayle solo top is indeed VERY strong and benefits even more from the fact that few, if any, know how to play against her. You might have noticed Kennen and Vlad dominating top lane with their sustain, range, and harassing ability. 

Kayle can do the same, but earlier, and better.

Level 1, Kayle can beat almost ANYBODY in lane, especially melee heroes who don't understand that range > melee level 1 in an open area due to kiting.

Level 2, she can easily kill her enemy laner if it's against a physical melee matchup like Gangplank, Tryndamere, Riven, or Fiora.

Level 6, she can easily tower dive and secure a kill with her W speed boost, since most likely they'll have blown flash earlier on from some scary harass.

If you take a look at the match-ups that Rincent posts in his guide, you'll notice that almost all Kayle's match-ups are comparable, if not easy. Once again, she also gains value since nobody's really used to her damage output yet, especially at lower elos.

On a personal note, I've yet to play Kayle on my main account (1650~1700 ELO) since I'm awfully conservative, but I'm currently 5-0 on my 1400 smurf with Kayle. I can personally attest that Kayle is a massive bully in lane and that I'd cry if I ever fought her with someone like Gangplank or Fiora.

She's got a very cheesy strategy, which is very Pantheon-esque in nature (whom I hear she loses to early on) harass harass harass, profit.

Has anybody else been working the Kayle scene? Seen it in action? Comment below!

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  1. If i'd face him, (never did it, but lost many games cause i wasn't in solo top, and my team did picks like "malphite solo top" no chance buddy...) i'd go with a ranged ad, and play extreme carefully...

  2. i am use that guide 10 days a row, 84 games, 79 wins. enough for me. its work.

  3. Wow that's pretty impressive haha


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