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May 9, 2012

Dyrus Declares 2200 ELO the new ELO Hell

So what is ELO hell? We've got Chu8's explanation of ELO Hell, but it appears that even at the upper echelon, ELO Hell still exists...

Quote via Dyrus:
hi my name is dyrus and I am very dumb. this is why none of you ever wanna come to 2200 elo. it is true elo hell. where you triple your mid lanes CS and then nobody groups up. it’s almost as bad as 500 elo. 
then where you ward your jungle and then we lose 5v4 somehow infact I wanna upload the replay too
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I think the big takeaway we can take from this is that ELO hell is generically when you think you've done everything you could possibly do to win, believe you deserve to win, but don't win.

Dyrus sad :(

Comments on ELO hell? Post below!

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  1. Meaby here you can see how the champs work.. Renekton (i haven't played him but i think) Is a heavy early global counter, but when the game goes on, he begins falling, if meaby dyrus were i don't know, vayne, with that amount of cs and a proper build meaby he had could carry the game in a better way.. or nasus, i don't know


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