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Apr 3, 2012

Next Champion: Hecarim, the Shadow of War + Leaked Picture

It looks like the next hero on the fields of justice will be a lance-wielding half-horse champion.

Original Post from NeeksNaman:
We here at Riot Games make every effort to ensure that our stable of champions is as diverse as possible. Still, even after the addition of Sejuani to the League of Legends, there are those cavalry enthusiasts out there who would contend that the greatest warriors ride horses. For you purists, we’d like to propose an alternative point of view. It is our opinion that the most epic warriors are themselves at least 50% equine. And as evidence of this theory it is our pleasure to present Hecarim, the Shadow of War.
So if you enjoy leveling your lance and charging headlong into the brunt of the enemy ranks leaving only the trampled corpses of lesser foes in your wake, we’re pretty sure that Hecarim, the Shadow of War will have you chomping at the bit come next patch! 
Sounds like his skillset will include something like Fizz's W to increase his lance strength and some sort of gap-closer that deals AOE damage in a line behind him.

Sneak peak from LA Times Article found by Moobeat of Surrenderat20

A helmet. With blue fire. This is what I am.

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  1. i dont think he'll be half horse, im hoping for a mounted rider


    That's the Hecarim art spotlight, skip to 6:04 to see the finished product. He's kind of like a centaur death-knight kind of thing.

  3. Thanks for the update Shane!


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