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Mar 24, 2012

TheOddOne Cries About Amumu (With Quotes)

Yesterday TheOddOne uploaded this video of him playing Amumu in the jungle. It's hilarious to watch and it's got a great ending. I have some spoiler quotes below in case you're too lazy to watch the video. 

"See all that crying? He's crying from the realization that he sucks."
"I mean I could gank...haha who am I kidding I can't gank anybody."
"If Amumu could start at level 18 sure he'd be one of the best champions in the game, but unfortunately he starts at level 1 just like everybody else."
"Let's find some friends so I can actually get kills, since I'm useless!"
"There it is, there's my commentary, Amumu sucks"
"I cry all day instead of fixing my problems!"
"Sorry I just used all my mana to do absolutely no damage."
"Getting a kill with amumu is like the greatest feeling ever, it's like yes we can!"
"Maybe someday I'll just eat my words and he won't get buffed and someone will just rape me with Amumu, but right now it's not looking good."
"You might think I'm being whiny but I'm just in character."
"I'm going to farm this, hopefully I don't die. I'll probably cut myself before they get here, so it's okay."
"When your team starts arguing the game's pretty much over. When you see the surrender box it's pretty much the same as a victory screen."
"YAY AMUMU you're so good! You're as good as a Smite summoner!"
"Nothing is more demanding in this game than playing Amumu."
"Now that we're at late game I'm actually kinda useful! Early game Amumu is the most worthless thing in the history of existance, he's just not tanky, does no damage, and really is just worthless."
"Now that my Stun is at a respectable 8 seconds instead of a retarded 16 seconds, I'm actually useful!"
"HOLY SHIT THIS IS NOW THE GREATEST CHAMPION OF ALL TIME. I am so powerful. Slowly the comeback begins!"
"They're like omg Amumu you're so strong I need to exhaust you. You know you're a big deal when they exhaust you."
"This is where the enemy goes "WHO IS THIS GUY?" and I'm like, I'm fucking Goku."
"Okay, we got this game. Amumu is the greatest, person, ever."
"FUCK KOGMAW Amumu is the best champion in the fucking game and we didn't win. This is why Amumu gets a bad rep, because Kogmaw is suicidal."
"This is why Amumu is crying, I thought it was for himself, but it was actually for Kogmaw."
Yordles need loving too!

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  1. amumu changes next patch????!

  2. What exactly did Kog'Maw do that was so bad?
    --New Player

  3. He just got caught and died alone lol

  4. He tried to engage at the end as Kog'Maw, had to blow flash to save himself, but removed himself from the final fight, they split chasing him, and Amumu's ult only got 2, this gave their graves the go ahead to melt him and they cleaned up slow Galio. Not mentioning the fact he bought an oracles and then didn't clear all of the wards, so they knew it was a bait attempt.

    So, that's why he comically reams Kog at the end.

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  6. amumu let me give you a hug :)

  7. Gabriel Thomazine DamettoMay 19, 2015

    he's an adc without escapes, he shouldn't be alone in the mid of the enemy team


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