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Mar 23, 2012

Possible Incoming Swain/Anivia Buffs


After the recent blue buff nerf (Crest of the Ancient Golem scaling Mana Regeneration reduced to 0.5% of maximum Mana/Energy from 1%), Riot has given some consideration to buffing Swain and Anivia's Ultimates in terms of mana costs.

The above post by Morello reads:
Mana costs on Swain and Anivia (toggle mana champions) are something we're going to review. 
Not sure what the results will be, but it's a major thing to look at with the blue buff changes
I'm personally not sure a buff is all that necessary since I'm not a Swain or Anivia player, but I do get killed by them...:P

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  1. About time swain gets something back. He has been nerfed too many times.

  2. Yes please, Anivia's mana costs after 6 are outrageous. (Truly, truly outrageous)

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