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Mar 10, 2012

SpamHappy AKA Zekent Considers a New Main

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If you're not familiar with Zekent AKA SpamHappy, he's the guy who played ONLY Poppy in ranked...and hit 2200 ELO doing so! (more details here)

Earlier today, Zekent AKA SpamHappy was answering questions on IRC when he was asked:
"Could you imagine switching to another main like Poppy?"
Zekent: "You mean like start another account and only play one character in ranked? Yeah I guess I could do Eve, or troll with Master Yi. Haha."

"I don't know why everyone hates Eve, Eve is pretty good! I mean not in arranged 5s, but in solo queue she's great."

"Eve's R is amazing, it's basically can tower dive people no problem because they can't do anything to you."

"I might stream a few games with jungle Eve after I get back from my haircut"

Personally, I would *love* seeing someone play ONLY Eve and get to platinum ELO, and if there's someone who could do it, it'd be Zekent! I've embedded his stream below if you'd like to watch him answer some questions before his haircut :P with me!

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