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Feb 24, 2012

Poppy Surging onto the Ranked Scene

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If you've been keeping up with the forum chitter chatter, you've probably heard about SpamHappy by now, a player who ONLY plays Poppy in ranked games...and he's 2100 ELO, previously at 2200 ELO.

He plays Poppy primarily Top Solo, where he can farm safely and has a huge advantage over common AD heroes like Gangplank, Riven, and Tryndamere when she's running all armor runes + attack damage reds.

I tried it out for a few games, and WOW it's really impressive just how hard Poppy counters Gangplank in lane. It's absolutely brutal, and not very complicated to execute either.

I think that naturally, she's best against melee AD heroes, and might have the most trouble against ranged AP heroes such as Kennen and Ryze. Either way, it's nice to see some unused heroes making it to the top of the ladder!

Disclaimer: While SpamHappy may have reached Platinum ELO playing only Poppy, it's unlikely YOU will, unless you're Platinum player caliber to begin with. Don't expect a magical hero to carry you all the way to Platinum!

If you'd like to read his complete guide, check it out on here on SoloMid's site, but come back soon! ;)

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