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Feb 8, 2012

Xypherous Explains Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths Skillset

EDIT: Official Release skills are available HERE

In his most recent splash of posts, Riot's Associate Technical Designer Xypherous all but gave away the details to the next hero, Nautilus, the Titan of the Depths

The next hero shall be:
  • A tank [similar to Leona or Amumu] 
  • Given the ability to "hookshot" himself to heroes, towers, and walls using his anchor. It will not be able to go through walls or hookshot to allies. 
  • Scale mostly of AP, but have one move that scales off health.
  • A jungler or top solo, with a secondary role as a possible support.
For those of you familiar with Dota, when asked
"so the new champ is Tidehunter+Clockwerk combined?"
Xypherous Replied:   there's a very minor tidehunter homage, of sorts - but it's a cosmetic homage - the actual gameplay is quite different. 

Tidehunter from DOTA

One summoner ventured a prediction (based off what was already posted):
Passive -
Q - Hookshot, pulls Anchorman towards terrain, or if hits champion (any enemy?) pulls anchorman and that enemy together, but presumably moves Anchorman than enemy less because he's big and heavy
W - Shield that scales with hp
E - Homing tidal burst that travels up to a maximum amount of time towards a target/until it hits the target. blows up things it hits along the way, blows up and slows on impact of actual target.
R - Slow version of Tidehunter's ult, keeping enemies close to you unless they choose to run and get cc'd by the spikes.
Xypherous responded with:
You have E and R reversed.
Even though Xypherous recommends him as a jungler, it seems to me that he'll most likely take a role as a Leona-like support in the current meta. With all the CC that this hero is likely to have, in order not to make him "OP" his base values will have to be lowered significantly compared to other junglers. If they're comparable, he'll be far too strong as a top laner.

On the current speed of his jungling, Xypherous says:
Clear speed is fast - it was a little too fast initially.
Based on this, unless the balance team lowers his values again prior to release, I'm foreseeing him being OP on release with nerfs in the following patch.

Looking forward to a possible meta-switch to a Leona + Anchorboy kill lane?

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  1. "This will most likely slow his jungle clearing time significantly."

    Didn't Xyph said he was too fast and needed to be toned down a bit? It might not be as bad.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Falleth! Sounds like they're trying to make another top tier jungler then. We'll have to see how "fast" he is in comparison to what we have available I guess :)

  3. As long as his hook has decent speed, he will be having nasty ganks.

    On the another note, I'm more interested in the "more complicated" champ Xyph is working on.


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