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Feb 8, 2012

First Poll Finished! Second Poll up Shortly~

Results of the last vote are done! The final totals are the following:

Thanks to everyone who voted for making the first poll successful! A new poll will be up shortly when I think of a good idea. Feel free to post some suggestions in the comment section below!

WHAT I'm not...FUN?!

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  1. Who's your favorite support: "(Other) - DO YOU SUPPORT WITH GRAVES?"

  2. The new champions that came out recently are not worthy to pay for. Unlike the Talon vayne old days, people don't even bother to ban them in ranked games. I am still hoping for a new support with change position cc/ult.

  3. Ziggs and Ahri are pretty neat - I personally feel I wasted IP on Victor, but hey, it happens.

  4. Since I can't use the shoutbox...

    Also, your rss feed doesn't seem to work. And what happened to being able to post as Anonymous? >_>

  5. Oh awesome! Thanks for letting me know :) You have to register for the shoutbox before you can use it. I was getting too many spam comments, so I changed it to registered users only :(

  6. The RSS feed doesn't work on Chrome by default for some reason, apparently you need to install an RSS reader, but it works in Firefox...I'll have to look into it to see if I can switch that up.


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