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Jan 8, 2012

Incoming Shaco Changes (BUFF?!)

Why would you change silly old me?

A top ban in almost every elo as a result of him being "anti-fun" (what a silly thing to say!) Shaco's been at the top of Riot's watch list for a while after his buffs. A direct quote from RiotVeonneth:
We've definitely been watching Shaco, but haven't found anything that sticks yet. Shaco has some fundamental problems that we want to address, but we also want people to feel like they've still got the "trickery" that most Shaco's have.
However, fear not Shaco players, it seems that Riot doesn't want to necessarily nerf him into the ground like they did with Evelynn, but would rather spank him a little and put him back into sleeper op. He's even got some buffs coming up! 
Originally Posted by Shiralune "Ah ****- nerfs inc."
Eh, not necessarily. We've been playing around with his ult too. We've got a bug-fix coming that will make buffs copy onto clones (probably not the next patch, but should be soon after). We've also fooled around with the idea of letting Shaco "switch" between his clone and him, if that makes sense (note: we are not doing this). 
My point is just that we're trying out a lot of different things to see what works. We don't think Shaco is "overpowered" - more that he's just "anit-fun" in several situations. We want to remove that Toxic gameplay while retaining (or possibly increasing) his power level and fun gameplay elements.
- RiotVeonneth original post here

While I'm a bit skeptical that Riot has the ability to do such a thing, if they do manage it that'll be awesome. Meanwhile, the bug fix with the buffs on his clone should be a pretty decent buff to our favorite trickster...not that he needs it!

What do you guys think? Comment below!

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  1. Think that's just a rework, 'cause it's needed. Don't think they are gonna buff it, or nerf, but they should change the way that he takes part of the game, because is so anti-fun. I usually play as jungler or AP mid, and shaco is must ban forever.

  2. I still remember playing pre-pre-prenerfed Shaco. Not the beta craaazy one, but soon after game was live. Over 100 matches I had about 1600:200:700 KDA and I wasn't even jungling. Good times.

    Removing the 'toxic' gameplay can't be done without changing his playstyle, so Shaco players need to expect quite some changes.

  3. I think reducing the range on his teleport would fix a lot of his problems--that or the amount of time he's invisible after teleporting. Maybe a combination of both...?

    Add that to a buff to base stats (looking at you, AD) since he's often crap lategame in team fights, and you might be able to fix him, I think.

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