Jan 16, 2012

TSM Cooking Tier List

I shall appraise their cooking skills!

Q: Do any of you cook in the house? What's the kind of food you guys eat?
A: We make various simple dishes (say wontons or pasta), often its Chaox doing those. Rainman usually makes pasta while I often cook eggs/bacon but Xpecial/Chaox sometimes cook eggs. We mostly eat 'lean cuisine' frozen dinners or hot pockets now since we shop at the local waldbaums a lot of the time now instead of the far away costco.

- TheOddOne's AMA

TSM Cooking Tier List

Tier 1: The Rain Mommy
Tier 2: TheOddOne
Tier 3: Xpecial
Tier 4: Chaox
Tier 5 (Difficult to Place on Team): Reginald, Dyrus

Tier 1: These summoners can boil water effectively to rehydrate dried goods, but may have difficulty managing foods with temperatures under 32 degrees F. Generally limited to one culinary style, but have never set the house on fire.

Tier 2: These summoners have the ability to add heat to things and turn fires on and off, but have difficulty applying boiling water for purposes other than tea. These summoners have never set the house on fire.

Tier 3: These summoners are limited to one type of food, and may have difficulty surviving without a microwave.

Tier 4: These summoners have the courage to try a variety of cooking styles such as boiling things in water or frying things on a pan, but have a track record of setting important things on fire (like the house)

Tier 5: These bros may or may not have the ability to use a phone to order food, but cannot be trusted near an open flame. Their culinary consumption is also disproportionately high, and may be often pointed to for the source of why "There is no food left in the house". Microwaves should also be kept under lock and key.


February 8, 2012:
  • Description for Tier 5 modified to include microwaves as a possible source of danger
  • Chaox moved down to Tier 4 in light of "cooking on tilt" where he almost burned down the house twice.

January 16, 2011: 
  • Description for Tier 3 summoners modified to include tea-making abilities

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  1. made my day :)

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  3. "These bros may or may not have the ability to use a phone to order food" too good :)

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  5. Place me on God Tier please.

    I cook like a fucking boss!


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