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Jan 16, 2012

Season 2 Week 8 Champion Rotation

ooo...I'm free this week?

Good evening summoners, Riot has released the Champion Rotation for this week. If things go as per usual it should be live Tuesday. Highlighted Champions are ones I think are especially interesting to play this week.

Ashe - 450 IP champ, kinda boring. Low end AD carry
Kassadin - 3150 IP champ Very strong mid laner that snowballs well. Easy wins with this hero if you can get some early game kills. Slightly weak in last hitting, but once he gets Blue he's unstoppable.
Malphite - 1350 IP champ. Strong Jungler with the new jungle reworks, pretty simple to play. His ultimate can be game-changing.
Morgana - 1350 IP champ. Very simple to play champion, a single aoe nuke at level 5 will destroy the entire back minion wave and allow you to push them to their tower safely. her Black Shield also makes her ungankable. Her ultimate is also game-changing. She's a good counter to Kassadin.
Rammus - 3150 IP champ. One of the strongest junglers at the moment, can gank a lane even if it's warded due to his high mobility
Renekton - 6300 IP champ - Slightly difficult to master because of his fury system, he has an incredible early game and good mid-game sustain.
Shyvana - 6300 IP champ - Underplayed at the moment, she has no CC but gives herself movespeed buffs and turns into a DRAGON
Vayne - 6300 IP champ - One of the strongest AD carries in the game, really no reason to pick Ashe over Vayne during free week.
Veigar - 1350 IP champ - Recently buffed, he's one of the most satisfying heroes to combo with.
Warwick -1350 IP champ - Average champion, still very good top lane, but loses in jungling power to some of the newer junglers.

All in all this week's free champion rotation has some pretty powerhouse lineups. Strangely enough it doesn't actually offer a support hero like they usually do.

Optimal Team Comp with only free week champions:
Top Lane: Malphite
Jungle: Rammus
Mid Solo: Kassadin
Bot Lane: Vayne/Morgana

If you have a different support hero like Soraka, it'd be best to place Morgana mid and your support bot.

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