Jan 13, 2012

Sejuani Patch Preview - Riven Nerf, Ninja Tabi Nerf, Jax Changes

What?! Nobody notified me of this!
EDIT: Official Sejuani Patch Notes HERE

Inside the Sejuani Patch Preview: 

Dodge completely removed
Jax Changes
- Counterstrike is now an active
- Empower cooldown decreased
- Jax passive changed from stack conversion to stacking attack speed buff

Ninja Tabi
- Losing dodge and switching to percentage reduction from all non-turret basic attacks

Sword of the Divine
- Switched to Ionic Spark from Dominion

Total Price: 2300
50 Attack Speed, 250 Health. UNIQUE Passive: Every fourth attack deals 110 magic damage to up to 4 targets. (400 Bounce Range)

- Health Regeneration decreased
- Damage is switched into broken wings from ki burst

There's also the Nunu buff and Skarner nerf that weren't mentioned in this preview.
No updates on Sejuani yet either

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  1. Sejuani's skillset was leaked yesterday.


  2. Thanks Buizel but it's actually been on my site for two days now :P



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