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Jan 12, 2012

Nunu Buff, Skarner Nerfed in Sejuani Patch next week

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But I am so balanced!

EDIT: Official Sejuani Patch Notes HERE

Good morning summoners! Here's a little sneak peak at some balance changes coming out in the next patch:
Nunu is getting an attack speed buff next patch to bring him more in line with other junglers. This should help his jungle speed out a bit as well as his early game blue dependency in jungle due to his passive triggering more often. Due to the multiplicative nature of Bloodboil's attack speed bonus this increased base attack speed boost is multiplied by BB and is a further small boost to his power. This small change has a large number of subtle effects on Nunu which should help him out a bit.
Posted by Feralpony Here

Also, Skarner is getting a slight nerf next patch as well:
Wir werden nächsten Patch ganz leichte Änderungen an Skarner durchführen.
English Translation: We will carry out next patch, very slight changes in Skarner
Posted by ZenontheStoic Here

In case anybody is wondering, Jax changes are NOT live yet, and will be coming out during next week's patch, when we should definitely be getting Sejuani.
Changes haven't gone live yet, the patch they're part of is scheduled for next week.
Posted by Meddler Here

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