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Jan 2, 2012

Season Two Week 6 Champion Rotation

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Lord of the Rings got nothing on this!

As released preemptively by Moneypenny last week, Week 6's champion rotation has been verified as below. Highlighted heroes are heroes that are either rarely seen or are high in IP value! Once again it's got tons of 6300 heroes in this rotation, mostly because Xerath and Graves were on sale for 75% off two weeks ago and Alistar is a free champ (Available here). Nevertheless, for those of you that didn't buy them one sale, enjoy!

Alistar - One of the best supporters in the game, and he's also a tank. You can get him permanently free with the skin here
Brand6300 IP spellcaster, he's extremely bursty and has very powerful AOE spells.
Caitlyn - 6300 IP ranged AD carry. She's my favorite to play and has the strongest early game of any ranged AD carry since she has the longest level 1 autoattacking range in the game.
Garen - 1350 IP top solo bruiser. He hides in bushes and spins on unsuspecting champions for an easy first blood. Spin to win!
Graves - 6300 IP AD ranged carry. He's got the best AOE damage in the game (for an AD carry) and is considered one of, if not the best AD carries in the game. He's got a shorter range compared to others early game though, so he's a little more prone to harass by champions like Caitlyn.
Maokai - 6300 IP spellcasting bruiser. He's very versatile and can be played in the Jungle, as a solo, or even as a support. You'll mostly see jungle maokais, but laning maokai is one of my favorite things to do.
Master Yi - 450 IP ad melee carry. He's kinda squishy and not very strong, but he's still fun to play since his ult makes him say "CANNOT BE SLOWED"
Nocturne - 6300 IP ad melee carry, mostly seen in the jungle. Used to be a highly played jungler, but is no longer FOTM.
Xerath6300 IP ranged spellcaster, has one of the longest ranges in the game. If you've never played him before, this is a good chance to try him out.
Zilean - 1350 IP spellcaster, his ult allows him to prevent a target hero from dying and his bombs are super annoying. Some people play him support, but he's best as a mid solo AP hero.

I'll most likely be playing a lot of Maokai this week :D

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