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Jan 2, 2012

Currently Underplayed/Overplayed Heroes - January

Shh...I'm charging my laser!

UPDATE: I'm happy this sparked such an awesome discussion! I know many of you don't agree, but that's what makes an excellent debate. It also seems that the EU server status is a little different from the NA servers, and I'm glad to hear opinions from both side. Thanks for reading and commenting everyone!

Good evening summoners, I'm back again with another non-news related guide on the latest trends. Today I'd like to go over three different categories of heroes:
  1. Secret OP: As the term suggests, these are heroes I think are secretly overpowered, but nobody chooses to play them for one reason or another.
  2. Not Considered OP Enough: These are heroes that people are trying to get across as overpowered, but haven't completely proven their worth, and thus they almost never get banned.
  3. Not as OP As They(He) Seem(s): I think you can all figure out this one.

*Secret OP*: Olaf, Twitch, Renekton, Anivia

Not Considered OP Enough: Riven, Xerath, Nasus, Ahri, Wukong, Maokai, Nunu, Cassiopeia, Ryze

Not As OP As They(He) Seem(s): Kassadin

Olaf: Despite HotshotGG failing with Olaf mid-game and late-game during WCG, the fact is that he won his lane easily. Some top level players say that Olaf is lacking since he has to chase down his opponents, but despite this I feel that his top lane dominance is incredible. He is one of the few top-laners that can easily shut down Gangplank and Tryndamere, and his nuke deals true damage. This means that Exhaust barely does anything to his offensive power, and does practically nothing once he pops his ultimate. His cooldowns and sustainability in lane are also outrageous.

Twitch: Not laning Twitch, but Jungle Twitch is simply an amazing ganker and downright annoying. To be honest I've played maybe 12 ranked games with a Twitch on either team, and if the Twitch isn't straight trolling with Heal + Clarity, that Twitch team has won every time. I also have a friend that mained jungle Twitch all the way up to 1650 ELO. However, as always I feel that stealth heroes require players with extremely good map awareness and patience, so he's definitely not for everyone. (Including me)

Renekton: Although managing his fury system is a little difficult for people who aren't used to it, once you charge up your fury it's almost guaranteed that you'll either zone your smart opponent or kill your dumb opponent. Like Riven, he charges up in a very sneaky way. Many don't understand that with 100 fury you'll be doing an incredible amount of extra damage and have a longer stun than you did earlier when you harassed him.

Anivia: Anivia's one of those champions where people say things like "she's too blue dependent" as her biggest weakness. To be perfectly honest, it's no harder securing a blue for your Anivia as compared to any other AP mid. Her egg also gives her immense 1v1 potential, and it's so easy to use to egg and bait your opponent into getting ganked by your jungler.

Riven: People are starting to understand how strong she is.
"Riven is the ultimate answer to super heavy super slow comps, she's not affected by slows at all" - Doublelift
Xerath: Massive range and easy combos

Nasus: Arguably the "strongest" late game bruiser without even building many damage items. Wither is also outrageously strong.

Ahri: New Champion, highly skill intensive, but if you land a single charm at level 6 it's guaranteed that you win your lane. This coupled with the fact that she has four flashes at her disposal makes her practically ungankable as well as inescapable. (Thanks to Pretty_Insignificant from reddit for pointing that out!)

Wukong: Now that he has decent stats, his skillset is outrageously good.

Maokai: Maokai's combo is simple to pull off and loses no effect if the target blinks since his W will continue pulling him right to the target. He's an amazing jungler and an amazing laner and thus I feel he should really be a top ban.

Nunu: Poland already showed how strong Nunu can be as a support. He doesn't play into the NA meta as strongly, but I feel that he's a massive game-changing support.

Cassiopeia: A top ban months ago, she's fallen out of the spotlight for no particular reason. Her burst potential and harassing ability is ridiculous from the beginning to the end and honestly should be a top ban if you know someone on the other team has any faint intention of playing her. (Thanks to various readers for pointing that out!)

Ryze: Nearly, but not quite at FOTM at this point, Ryze really is ridiculously powerful and should be banned almost as often as Tryndamere is, but for some reason he's overlooked when people do bans in solo queue. He's a tanky spellcaster that doesn't even need to build RoA, he just builds straight tank. This coupled with the fact that he not only counters most FOTM AP mid heroes but also most FOTM top bruisers really makes him an ideal hero. (Thanks again to various readers for pointing him out!)

Kassadin: As people are more willing to lane-swap an attack damage dealer to lane against Kassadin and then lane swap again later, Kassadin loses more and more of his effectiveness. With the nerf in cooldown to his ultimate, he's also placed in much more danger than he used to be. Don't get me wrong, he's still a very good champion, but I don't think he needs to be banned in most games anymore.

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  1. How can I find some Jungle Twitch(Runes, Masteries, Route, Skill Order?)

  2. I personally don't play Jungle Twitch, but I'd probably start with this guide and improve from there:

    Let me know how it goes!

  3. I still love lane Twitch, always have, but I agree wholeheartedly, jungle twitch is freakin nuts

  4. Nice post, not a fan of your secretly OP picks since they still seem kinda weak to me, but I like your second set.

    I'd upvote you on reddit, but it seems to have died...hmm...

  5. Same, if only you didn't include twitch in there. I lose EVERY SINGLE GAME I PLAY WITH TWITCH. As far as I'm concerned they should remove him from the game because he's just a terrible champion. I can't possibly see how he can be OP at all.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that sir/ma'am. To be honest I used to feel the same way about Riven; the two weeks after she came out every time there was a Riven in my game that team lost. It was just so ridiculously dumb. Nobody knew how to gank with her, and she did 0 damage.

    But now that people have learned how to actually play her, she's sooo strong. Just gotta give some heroes a chance!

  7. I agree with most of the content.

    From my point of view there are OP in all the positions that this meta has. I'm gonna give examples:

    - Junglers: Shaco and Scarner. Twitch does not have the same amount of damage than that two in early game, because he needs armor runes for jungling, but shaco is really strong jungling, with so nice ganks, a fear, and so many crits. Skarner is just awsome jungling, ganking from 6 is a secure kill.

    - AD carry: Vayne and Graves. They have killed Kog with several nerfs, and now these two carriers are a must-have-in-the-team because tha amount of damage. Only tristana is being useful because late game, but you cannot compare due to that two, 'cause they scale in AD, and the rest of carriers scale with AP.

    - AP carry: Cassiopea and Veigar. In my opinion Xerath is not OP, he only has the combo and his LONG range. Cassio IS OP, and i'm user, and Veigar is something like nasus, but mid, so strong.

  8. Those are some very good points Simon! I'll admit that all those heroes are very OP in their own right.

    I actually forgot all about Veigar despite his recent buffs, but yeah he's extremely strong right now and I think you're spot on with both of your AP carry picks. I'm not sure why, but I haven't seen Cass as much lately, but she's definitely the one AP I'm actually scared to lane against (including leblanc).

    Although Xerath's burst isn't as flashy as most AP heroes, I think that because of how reliably and safely he can throw his spells he's definitely much stronger than most people give him credit for. He's also got percentage based built in spell penetration, which is extremely powerful.

    By the way thanks for following me/commenting!

  9. Fizz - secret op

  10. Olaf is OP, can win early game lane, mid and late game he can 1v5 enemy team if he just kills the carry first, and with his ult on, he can pretty mutch just run up in the carries face and fuck him.

  11. anivia is great at one v one but in teamfights she can be zoned by bruisers and has to individually combo people for a long time. there are many games where an anivia goes 15/3/x and still loses because she does not have aoe burst (threat) or assassin skills for carries.

  12. Good post. Not so sure about Nunu being such a strong pick though... maybe something to try out for me :-)

    I also think Veigar is a bit underappreciated, even though people are picking him up more and more lately.

  13. u buy oracles/ vision wards then jungle twitch is dead. i have seen 3 jungle twitches and they all fail because my team and I buy vision wards.

  14. nunu was done by russians

  15. "Riven is the ultimate answer to super heavy super slow comps, she's not affected by slows at all" - Doublelift

    Needs more Master Yi!

  16. Where's Tryndamere?

  17. Good post. I play a lot of normals with Kassadin, and you're right, since recent nerfs he just can't dominate the way he used to. Also been playing Ahri since release, and you're right again, she really just flows around the map eating champs for lunch.

  18. I thought Twitches jungle was weaker now as he is slower than the AoE junglers and his counter jungling (which really sold him) got hit hard since most enemy junglers are at much higher health.

  19. Twitch isn't OP at all. Jungle Twitch has stupid slow clears, and his entire gank potential is completely ruined by any kind of team coordination. 1 pink ward in each lane and he's done. Once the laning phase is over, if your support/tank has oracles he can't do anything.

  20. Yeah u see, not OP enough, all OP champs are there -.-

  21. I dont see olaf beating GP at all. The range on olaf's nuke is really short, and gp can just spam parley

  22. this is so stupid none of these champs are even that OP you just need to learn to counter pick. All of these champs have a counter you just need to learn more about the game and stop QQing.

  23. Thanks for the comment! I'm not sure what you mean by QQing, I'm just trying to bring some strong heroes into the spotlight.

    The way Olaf beats GP is that after GP parlays, he either eats one of Olaf's nukes or he gets zoned. While he's getting zoned, Olaf regains all his health back via his lifesteal sustain in lane. He's a much better match-up against GP than any other top lane solo at the moment save Trynd.

  24. Pantheon is really strong vs. Trynd and GP right now. His passive is awesome.

  25. I agree with the nunu thing. hes one of the best trap setters in the game. Have someone mildly tanky push a lane while you wait in a bush. When the gank comes to take your pusher out, he runs to bush. Press R.... wait for it... wait for it... boom. Huehuehuehuehuehue. Me and my friend did this all game with Volibear and nunu, Its almost impossible to escape that combo. To be fair though the kayle on the other team was a complete moron. Fell for that 5+ times. 3x instakilled her cus nunu had so much AP

  26. I find Xerath not being op, it's true he has his safe poke and his oops you are dead 1min cd ulti plus his long range but as far as it concerns me Xerath is a one trick pony, One Xerath's player playstyle may wildly differ from other Xerath's player but in the case of a specific player once you figure him out, he'll pretty much be predictable for the rest of the match, Xerath is lacking what most ap mids have and need these days, Adaptability.

  27. Don't forget about Shyvana. Shyvana played well will dominate teamfights and take down carries at the back of the pack without getting killed herself.

  28. Don't forget about Shyvana. Shyvana played well will dominate teamfights and take down carries at the back of the pack without getting killed herself.

  29. well i say they need to make xerath stronger. he starts of with too little hp and hes sqishy sometimes

  30. what can league of legend so to really improves xerath. there has to be a reason why people stop using him. its time for xerath to be reborn so please give suggestions to league of legend about xearth...

  31. Considering how you used the word Outrageous, I thought you were gonna mention Taric as a joke :P

  32. thoughtfull jungle twitch will relize the pink wards sooner rather then later, plus you ge back in gold if u need to buy morethen 1.
    I'd say sme assault tank + assault support, i.e. Karma Sejuani. When running CV, they will punishe whoever gets in their side bushes before them (a quick double kill before minions) or zone out opponents quickly.

  33. AP Malphite Mid- Seen to be belived.

    It VERY quickly gets to a point where Q will take your hp down 20%/30%... 1 Q. Then at anytime he feels like he can ult/Q/ignite you for a kill. He doesn't give a crap about towers so you are not safe there, him + jungler... well you just die.

    His kit enables him to instantly clear minion waves and so to top it all off he will become a crazy burst damage tank by mid game team fights (even if you keep his kills in check you cant stop him free farming).

    He is not scared to go roaming about as it takes a few of you to bring down a malphite and if it really comes to it he can just ult/flash/both away, you cant even punish him that much for roaming because he can just come back and instantley wipe the minion wave.

    Seen maybe 1 in every 30/40 games or something but when you have one you know about it....

    1 game they had one, he 0/6 me in lane and had 10 kills in total. 1 game we had one and he 0/8 thier mid and had 21 kills before they surrendered.

  34. AP Malphite sounds interesting, I'll have to try him out sometime!

  35. Another secret OP is Swain-he is just amazinglynpowerful during the whole game!Evelynn is also overpowered.

  36. Evelynn can easily be revealed and killed

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