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Jan 9, 2012

Next Support in Slow Production

Sounds like nobody's joining me for a while...

Meddler just posted a little something on when the next support will be released. Although it's nothing definitive (since Riot knows we're all stalking them no doubt) it sounds like it'll be a few months before the next support champion will be released.
Q: So, Meddler. I remember you did a post a few months ago (maybe 2) that there was a new support champ under development. Just wanna see if him/her is still coming or if I've got to eat some oranges so it'll be k. 
A: In production at present, won't be out for a bit but definitely closer than when previously mentioned.
Plan's for a primary support, so right at home in bot lane. Can't give out any interesting details beyond that though sorry, theme/name/abilities etc can, and often do, get changed throughout the development process.
Posted on the EU Servers Here

Meddler's original post that the Question referred to is the following from Nov 22, 2011:
There is a new support in the works at the moment. Still quite a way off release though I'm afraid, champ development's quite a detailed process from start to finish.
Meanwhile, if you're getting bored of Soraka, Sona, Alistar, Taric, Janna, or (!!!) Karma, here are some alternatives for you that are pretty "viable":

Blitzcrank, Lux, Nunu, Nidalee, Maokai, Leona, Gangplank, Orianna, Olaf (Olaf's an interesting support since he deals true damage and requires no mana...dunno, saw it work once before), and Ashe (I give in)

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  1. I guess support olaf you max true dmg first and axethrow?

  2. I'm sure it's not that good, it was probably more a troll thing, but it somehow worked :P

  3. How could you forget about Nidalee?

  4. Oopsies, sorry about that! Fixed! :)

  5. Listed Olaf but not Leona.

  6. Listed Olaf but not Leona.

    ^ All the better to bait you into commenting with ;) Nah just kidding, I just forgot.

  7. well, ashe is good too. stun, slow, free "half map" ward. viable i think

  8. yeah U forgot ashe bro:P

  9. Fineee I'll include Ashe lol

  10. What about TEEMO? He gets wards for FREE!!

  11. Not to mention blinds, to prevent autoattackers from hitting you :)


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