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Jan 9, 2012

Banning Supports to Get OP Heroes

It's been a while since I've seen the light of day!

Hello there summoners! Haven't posted much news today since I've been busy smurfing on another account from 1300 to 1420. During this time I've discovered a new strategy! As you know, certain AP mid heroes are almost always banned in every game, such as Morgana, Sion, and Kassadin. The reason for this is simple, they're really strong and can snowball a game from level 1 to level 18. 

So how do you get these champions if they're always banned? Well, you could just ban heroes that nobody really plays like Eve, Twitch, and Karma. OR you could do what I did the past few games and ban the supports, which is funnier. I like to ban Soraka, Alistar, and Sona. This means that the only sustain supports left are Taric or Karma. As a result, AD bot lanes will have a much harder time farming and leaves your AP mid and your jungler in position to be the strongest heroes in the game.

If they have first pick, then they'll only get 1 OP hero, while your team will get two. If your team has first pick and you're the team captain, you get to pick your favorite AP mid champion to slaughter their team with.

IF by chance they happen to ban Morgana, Sion, and Kassadin, (sadface) then you'll probably want to give your best jungler Shaco or Rammus and also pick up Taric as the last sustaining support.

How to become team captain almost 100% of the time:
If you really want to be team captain 100% of the time, simply duo queue with someone that's much lower than you. This way you'll always get your choice of bans and picks~

There's a reason why Morgana and Sion should be banned...also, AP Janna is OP - Somehow I was second pick that game and our captain banned all 3 :(

If you do decide to ban all the supports next time you're team captain, let me know how it goes and comment below!

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  1. 2 times we(my 5s' team) played 5 supports too, leaves enemy team with only karma( we picked sona+soraka 1st, then ali+dunno who, and jungle kayle)

    And Im banning soraka/sona sometimes:P

  2. Soraka and Sona really make the AD carry's farming phase too easy compared to other supports


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