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Jan 21, 2012

Moscow 5 Dominates SK with AD Kennen

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

As you've probably already seen from the official LoL website, SK gaming lost to M5 in the semi-finals and will be battling it out with Dignitas for 3rd place tomorrow. (After getting brutally man-handled by TSM).

Since the results and game-summaries are already up, I won't waste your time reiterating information. Instead, I'd like to focus in on M5's first game vs SK Gaming:
SK PicksMoscow Five Picks
As you can see, SK picked a pretty standard lineup with very strong choices for all positions. On the other hand, M5 picked up some pretty obscure champion choices, which I've highlighted in bold. 

They ended up winning this game 16-10 and their second game (with more standard choices) 14-1.

However, the fact that they won with an AD Kennen was perhaps the most surprising thing of all. As you can tell from the screenshot above, he's built a wriggles, phantom dancer, infinity edge, and has a giant's belt (not sure what he planned on building that into).

Is AD Kennen Viable?

Pros of AD Kennen:
  • Excellent escape/chase mechanism
  • Excellent CC abilities
  • Doesn't use mana
  • No attack damage/speed steroid
  • No scaling with his spells
Clearly Kennen wasn't created as an AD carry. On the other hand, his ult can be extremely game-changing just for the CC abilities. So is AD Kennen a viable choice or was M5 just sandbagging again? It's hard to say, but seeing their complete dominance with normalized picks in the second game, it seems like they might have been disrespecting their opponents a bit. (Perhaps with good reason)

I told you I'd be back!

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  1. Kennen has AD scaling on his W, which is why Ad Kennen levels it!

  2. Oh righto, makes sense why he was rushing P-dancer before IE then! Thanks :)


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