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Jan 21, 2012

Is Sona the Secret to Success?

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The past three days at IEM Kiev have been action-packed, with powerful heroes thrown into the fray with a smattering of unusual picks here and there. However, what sets apart a winning team from a losing team? Naturally map objectives and hero kills aid to victory. 

But what REALLY wins games? The fact is, after 25~30 minutes, the team with the most fed AD carry will win the game the majority of the time according to most professional players. You've probably already guessed that I'm about to say the support is the reason they're winning.

You probably also disagree. "Chaox' Graves and Sivir are ridiculously good and that's why they win!". Yes, the AD carries of the tournament are all very skilled players. However, it takes two to tango in bot lane, and according to past results, it seems that the musician makes the best dancer.

In fact, the only game that a team with Sona lost was when Curse played against SK Gaming.

You might say that the only reason Sona wins so often is because TSM and M5 favor Sona, and they happen to be the best teams in the tournament right now. However, you should also ask yourself this: "Why are the best teams in the tournament right now both choosing Sona as their support of choice?"

All I know is, I hope TSM gets Sona during the finals!

Just look at my chest...full of musical instruments!

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