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Jan 11, 2012

League of Legends to Launch in Russia

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Один выстрел, один труп

After the introduction of several other servers in the past year, it looks like League of Legends is set to release in Russia as well! Official Red Post from Demorphic Below:
As you’re all aware, League of Legends is a worldwide phenomenon that is continuing to expand, bringing new countries and cultures into our global community. Well today, we’re pleased to announce our intention to expand the game to include full Russian language support, with a dedicated platform, website and forums. 
The monumental task of localizing all of our current content to this new Language has already begun, but there is still much to do before the process is complete. We will be able to open the doors to our first beta players very soon, however, and will be reaching out to active members of our existing Russian community in the near future. 
Stay tuned for more information on our Russian language release, including an FAQ as well as exciting details on our future plans for eSports programs in Russia and a special skin to commemorate the launch! 
We’re extremely excited to welcome another country into our worldwide community, and we look forward to seeing new competitors joining the League in the coming months! 
Приготовьтесь к совершенно новому витку в Истории League of Legends. Играйте! Завоевывайте победы! Скоро и на Русском языке.
Original Post found here on the EUW forums.

Goes pretty well with the release of "Viktor" I'd say! Post your comments in Russian below and I'll use Google Translator to act like I understand :)

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