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Jan 11, 2012

How many stacks on Soulstealer, Occult, & Leviathan is Worth Buying?

Is it time to snowball?

In this game there are 3 pure stacking items: Mejal's Soulstealer, Sword of the Occult, and Leviathan. Bloodthirster and Warmog's Armor are *technically* stacking items too, but the other three are purely for snowballing purposes.

So how many stacks of each item do you need for it to be worth it? To decide this, let's do some ratio analyses.

Soulstealer gives 20 AP + 8 AP per stack. 2 stacks on kills and 1 on assists for the cost of 1235g. At 20 stacks you get 15% cooldown reduction.

Needlessly Large Rod gives 80 AP for 1600g.

Ratio Analysis: 1235g/1600g = 0.771875 cheaper than Rod. 77.1865% * 80 AP = 61.75 AP 
Algebra: Soulstealer: 61.75 AP = 20 + 8x. X = 5.2

Therefore, anything over 5 stacks will make your purchase worth it if you can maintain it early game.

Sword of the Occult gives 10 damage + 5 damage per stack. 2 stacks on kills and 1 on assists for the cost of 1369g. At 20 stacks you receive a 15% movespeed bonus.

BF Sword gives 45 attack damage for 1650g.

Ratio Analysis: 1369g/1650g = 0.83 cheaper than sword. 83% * 45 damage = 37.35 damage
Algebra: 37.35 AD = 10 + 5X. X = 5.47

Therefore, anything over 5 stacks will make your purchase worth it if you can maintain it early game. However, it's worth noting that building into an Infinity Edge shows a larger immediate increase in your overall damage compared to building an early deathcap.

Leviathan gives 180 health + 32 health per stack. 2 stacks on kills and 1 on assists for the cost of 1275. At 20 stacks you receive 15% damage reduction.

Giant's Belt gives 430 health for 1110g.

Ratio Analysis: 1275g/1110g = 1.15x more expensive than belt. 1.15 * 430 health = 494.5 health
Algebra: 494.5 = 180 + 32 X. X = 9.82

Therefore you need 10 stacks on Leviathan before your purchase is worth it. However, it's also worth noting that Leviathan's passive is the best out of all three stacking items and really makes you a ton stronger at 20 stacks. 

Snowballing items are good if you can establish some early game kills and maintain your lead. They increase the time it takes for you to get to your core items, but if you're already ahead, they can definitely "snowball" you to victory. Hence the term "snowball items"

Soulstealer appears to be the most cost effective out of all of them, and Leviathan seems to be the least cost effective. Leviathan's passive is definitely the best passive/unique effect of any defensive item out there though.

Comments? Post below!

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  1. Interesting analysis. Still, I feel I should add that snowball items are the most cost effective items in terms of AD, AP and health. There simply aren't any other items that provide so much AD, AP and health for so little gold.

  2. Very true Zero, the problem is that when you get a snowball item you have to already be ahead by about 800 gold worth of stats or else you put yourself at a disadvantage.

    If your skills can compensate for that 800g disadvantage then it's definitely worth getting, but if your skills are equal to that of your opponent, chances are getting a snowball item will get you killed.

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