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Jan 19, 2012

IEM 6 Kiev Day 1: Group A Results

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IEM 6 Kiev Day 1: Group A Results

SK VS White Lotus: Winner SK
TSM VS Curse: Winner TSM
White Lotus VS Curse: Winner Curse
SK VS Curse: Winner: SK
TSM VS White Lotus: Winner TSM

TSM: 3-0
SK: 2-1
Curse: 1-2
White Lotus: 0-3

TSM looking outrageously strong, Scarra from team Dignitas says Group A competition is no match for Group B competition.

Sneak preview: Regi's Sion VS Ocelote's Leblanc mid was the big game changer, The Rain Man plays Teemo vs Irelia top.

SK VS White Lotus Picks: 31:43, Game: 43:14

TSM vs Curse: Game: 19:38

White Lotus VS Curse Picks 17:10, Game: 27:44

SK Gaming VS TSM Game Starts: 23:49

Sion already knew what going happen!

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