Jan 19, 2012

IEM Kiev TSM VS CRS Recap - Day 1

This morning TSM vs Crs had their timeslot swapped with SK vs White Lotus, so I had the chance to watch the game! :D Here's a summary of the game as it went down:

TSM gets lost walking to tournament site in 19 degree (F) weather. They tried to cross 4~6 lane highway to get to tournament site but apparently decided it was probably a bad idea. Probably should have taken a taxi.


Game starts at 19:38

TSM First Ban - Chaox + Liquid112 doing the banning

TSM - Bans Kennen
Crs - Bans Maokai
TSM - Bans Morgana
Crs - Bans Yorick
TSM - Bans Soraka
Crs - Bans Karthus

TSM - Picks Sona
Crs - Picks Cassiopeia + Skarner
TSM - Picks Rammus + Graves
Crs - Picks Vayne + Janna
TSM - Picks Leblanc + Irelia
Crs - Picks Wukong

Chaox - Graves (Flash/Heal)
TheOddOne - Rammus (Flash/Smite)
Xpecial - Sona (CV/Flash)
Reginald - Leblanc (Flash/Ignite)
TheRainMan - Irelia (Flash/TP)

Liquid112 - Janna (CV/Flash)
Only Jaximus - Wukong (Flash/TP)
CopP - Vayne (Flash/Heal)
SYDTKO - Skarner (Flash/Smite)
Flashy - Cassiopeia (Flash/Cleanse)

TSM steals wraiths. TheOddOne starts at Crs Red, SYTDKO takes TSM's blue. Chaox/Xpecial pushing in bot lane hard.

SYTDKO hits level 2 and goes straight to gank The Rain Man top, Irelia gets zoned out of lane.

Skarner goes to his own blue, teamfight breaks out, but nobody dies at Crs blue.


Flashy ganks bottom, Xpecial flashes out, Reginald counter ganks, Reginald gets first blood on Flashy 7:30~

11:00 Skarner spends a full minute camping bottom, Xpecial tries to bait while TheoddOne comes in, but Wukong TPs in bottom. Leblanc tries to counter gank bot. Sona + Rammus Die on TSM, Vayne dies on Crs. Irelia + Cassiopeia arrive late.

13:00 Crs goes for Dragon and takes it for free.

14:30 Rammus ganks Cassiopeia trying to ward river, takes free flash off Cassiopeia. Leblanc gets blue. Skarner camps top for half a min, fails gank. Chaox 140 cs vs Vayne 82, takes down bot tower.

16:20 TheRainMan takes down top turret.
17:00 TSM takes mid turret.
- Gold: 23.3k vs 20.9k (TSM VS CRS)

18:20 Crs gathers at Baron, Janna/Sona have Oracle. TSM gathers at Dragon.

TheRainMan kills Wukong top lane. Skarner steals Dragon. Skarner, Janna, and Vayne die from Crs.
- 4 kills to 0
20:20 TSM takes second bot tower.
- Gold: 28.8k VS 25.2k gold.

22:20 CRS gathers at baron, TSM Sona clears wards, rest of team pushes all lanes.

23:00 Janna gets caught by Irelia and dies.
24:00 TSM starts Baron (43:00~ in video)
24:20 Wukong jumps into Baron, gets Taunted by Rammus and has to flash out, Skarner dies trying to smite, TSM picks up baron. Irelia dies, Cassiopeia dies.
TSM takes down second mid turret and Dragon.

TSM using double Shurelya's on Rammus + Sona.
26:40 TSM takes bottom inner turret + bot inhibitor.

28:00 TheOddOne uses Recall and baits 4 kills to 0 near Crs wraiths. Skarner ultis Rammus, rest of TSM jumps their team. TSM takes mid turret and inhib. TSM takes one of nexus towers. (47:55)
** Big Highlight, must see when watching video replay!

31:00 Chaox buys Phantom Dancer + Wriggles Lantern. Sells Phantom Dancer, buys Quicksilver Sash, Sells Doran's Blade, buys another Phantom Dancer. - Trolled. (48:15 on video)

31:40 TSM starts farming their base, takes top tower, inhib, their nexus, their souls, etc.

Apologies for the fail screenshot :[

  • They're looking at M5 as the biggest challenge after M5 said "We're only scrimming TSM to get viewers"
  • Says SK not as strong a competition as M5.
  • Says "M5 is going down in the finals."
  • Confirms TSM move to EUW servers to improve gameplay.
  • "Baylife"
  • Believes aAa will come out on top in Group B
  • "Saving special tactic for M5 in the finals"

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  1. Some of your info is wrong.

    24:20 Crs jumps into Baron, Skarner dies, TSM picks up baron. Irelia dies, Cassiopeia dies.
    TSM takes down second mid turret and Dragon.

    ^Wukong is the one that jumps in and essentially suicides with his ult, barely doing any damage to baron and only hitting Rammus.

    31:00 Chaox sells Phantom Dancer, buys Wriggles Lantern. Sells Doran's Blade, buys another Phantom Dancer. - Trolled.

    ^He sells his phantom dancer, probably by accident, for a Quicksilver Sash. Realizing he sold PD instead of his Doran's Blade, he re-buys Phantom Dancer. He already had Wriggle's Lantern.

  2. Just checked up on SK's recap on the game since I remember Wukong did flash in with his ult, but didn't die. Apparently he jumped in with his ability, ulted, then flashed out after he got taunted by Rammus. I remember Skarner and Cassiopeia were the only ones that died on Crs.

    I'm pretty sure one of the announcers was joking about Chaox getting a wriggles lantern and said something like "wow, 30 minute wriggles lantern, sounds very strong" "Guess he was like well I sold it, but I have so much gold, guess I'll buy another one"

  3. Found the video :) He actually buys a p-dancer, then a wriggles, then sells p-dancer, buys a quicksilver sash, then sells a doran's and buy's a p-dancer.

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