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Dec 15, 2011

Support Nunu - Polish EU Meta

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I iz Best Supporterz!

Hey there summoners, not sure how many of you saw Poland's support nunu strategy during the WCG games over in Korea, but I'd like to take a moment to describe it in detail.

What is a Support's Job?
  1. Keep your AD Carry alive
    • From enemy laners
    • From enemy junglers/gankers
    • During team fights
  2. Sustain your Carry
  3. Provide helpful team buffs
  4. Provide vision for your team
  5. Counter enemy wards
  6. Sustain yourself in lane
Does Nunu Do it?
  • Nunu's bloodboil and his ice blast in combination slow the enemies and speed up your teammates during ganks, but he has no way of saving an already stunned teammate from 1~5.
  • His steroid also makes the AD carry attack super fast, which is important in trading blows and teamfights.
  • His consume allows him to sustain in lane, but takes 1 CS from his partner every time he uses it.
  • By using his ult near the AD carry or initiating, he forces the enemy to either blow a CC on him or be massively slowed and take a decent chunk of damage.
  • Anybody can ward/counterward, and with his speed Nunu can do so safer than heroes like Soraka
What Do I Think?
Nunu is definitely a viable support. Is he the best support? For ranked 5s I feel that he's definitely a very aggressive laner. However, he's also very limited in his role, and for solo queue I don't feel that he's viable until very high elos.

The reason for this is that if your AD carry is continuously being punished for getting into the other AD carry's autoattack range, Nunu simply has no way of bringing a losing lane back into winning status. Heroes such as Alistar on the other hand, have similar amounts of offensive ability while still having a heal necessary to sustain accidental overextensions.

If you and your duo queue partner are on skype though, Nunu + Vayne or Tristana could be a very powerful lane, and I've tried it recently on a smurf with great success. However, against pushing lanes such as Caitlyn + Soraka, a Nunu + Vayne lane could end up in failure without good jungle ganks if your AD carry is having difficulty last-hitting at tower.

Late Game Nunu is definitely THE best steroid and one of the best AD carry protector in the game, and definitely provides a ton to a teamfight. However, the biggest problem will be getting there in early game. Despite this, since support nunu is so new to the American metagame, it's possible to lull your opponents into a false sense of security and win some easy games with support Nunu.

Good luck!

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