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Dec 15, 2011

Doublelift Comments on Caitlyn, Vayne, and Ezreal as AD Carries

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It's Vampire Hunter Hunting time!

A few days ago Doublelift was streaming late at night as he played Caitlyn VS Westrice's Vayne. In case you guys missed it, he said some pretty interesting stuff when it came down to AD carries. As a summary, he basically ranted on for a good 10 minutes about how Caitlyn counters Vayne with her range and pushing power.

The next game, he actually played Lee Sin (which is pretty beast) and when his teammate picked Caitlyn after the other team picked Vayne, he said "Oh thank god this guy has a brain. Enemy team picks Vayne? Duh counter with Caitlyn. Good pick, Good pick."

Later on, in IRC chat, someone asked him, "If Caitlyn counters Vayne, then who would you play against Caitlyn?"

Doublelift responded that he'd probably play Ezreal since he has the range to compete with her in lane.

Note that this discussion was probably limited to these three heroes since unlike Chaox who enjoys playing Tristana and Graves, Doublelift has historically shown that he's more likely to play the aforementioned three heroes.

As for me, what he says seems to feel pretty true. However, the question that I have left is, who does Vayne beat in lane then? Seems to me the answer might be everyone except Caitlyn.

Agree? Disagree? Comment below!

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1 comment:

  1. vayne is a hypercarry so her early and mid game is fairly meh but becomes beast lategame. who does she counter bot lane? I feel like that depends on the skill of the player. with vayne know when to condemn and tumble and you have a kill. With vayne is farm your bt,.dont get hit. I think countering an ad carry depends on your understanding of them. Normally I play caitlyn
    so I understand her passive and range enough to not let her have the upperhand.


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