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Dec 26, 2011

Season Two Week 5 and 6 Champion Rotation


Hello there summoners, Riot's just released their champion rotation for Week 5 of Season 2! 

Once again, the heroes that are highlighted are the ones I feel you should definitely try out this week either as a result of them being high in IP or simply don't appear as a free champion very often.

Edit: WHOA the forum post that was up just now was actually taken down. Apparently they made a mistake with that post and the real Champion Rotation is as follows:

Ahri - 6300 IP New champion that just came out, very fun, very mobile and very bursty. Requires a decent amount of skill to get to her full potential though.
Annie - 450 IP basic spellcaster. Still very strong.
Blitzcrank - 3150 IP Unique champion that has a skillshot that grabs heroes and pulls them in. Very fun, but a bit gimmicky unless you're real good at him. Supports bottom.
Cho'Gath - 1350 IP high powered AOE tank. Massive HP, very hard to kill late game, solos top and sometimes jungles.
Irelia - 6300 IP melee bruiser. She gets very tanky and is extremely mobile and fun to play.
Janna - 1350 IP support hero, she has no heal, but her shield makes up for it if you're skilled enough. She has the highest amount of late game utility compared to all the other support heroes and gives a passive global movespeed boost.
Miss Fortune - 6300 IP AD Carry, has no escape and need to get a good early start to be useful. She's got a strong laning phase, but later on in the game she falls off.
Shen - 3150 IP tank. He'll be seeing some buffs soon, and he's generally found in the jungle or solo top.
Skarner - 6300 IP jungler, he might be the best in the game at the moment. With red, it's almost impossible to escape his slow. His ult is also a little bugged, and sometimes you can grab heroes mid flash.
Twitch - 3150 IP TROLL HERO. Actually I've seen some good Twitches, but they're few and far in between. He's extremely fun to play though, and against teams that underestimate him he can quickly snowball to victory in a solo queue game. But if you have one on your team, GOOD LUCK.

Official forum post

Original Champion Rotation (Incorrect Red Post): This one is probably for Season Two Week 6

This list was put up by Moneypenny as the Season 2 Week 5 post, but taken down within 10 minutes.

Alistar - One of the best supporters in the game, and he's also a tank. You can get him permanently free with the skin here
Brand - 6300 IP spellcaster, he's extremely bursty and has very powerful AOE spells.
Caitlyn - 6300 IP ranged AD carry. She's my favorite to play and has the strongest early game of any ranged AD carry since she has the longest level 1 autoattacking range in the game.
Garen - 1350 IP top solo bruiser. He hides in bushes and spins on unsuspecting champions for an easy first blood. Spin to win!
Graves - 6300 IP AD ranged carry. He's got the best AOE damage in the game (for an AD carry) and is considered one of, if not the best AD carries in the game. He's got a shorter range compared to others early game though, so he's a little more prone to harass by champions like Caitlyn.
Maokai - 6300 IP spellcasting bruiser. He's very versatile and can be played in the Jungle, as a solo, or even as a support. You'll mostly see jungle maokais, but laning maokai is one of my favorite things to do.
Master Yi - 450 IP ad melee carry. He's kinda squishy and not very strong, but he's still fun to play since his ult makes him say "CANNOT BE SLOWED"
Nocturne - 6300 IP ad melee carry, mostly seen in the jungle. Top 5 junglers at the moment.
Xerath - 6300 IP ranged spellcaster, has one of the longest ranges in the game. If you've never played him before, this is a good chance to try him out.
Zilean - 1350 IP spellcaster, his ult allows him to prevent a target hero from dying and his bombs are super annoying. Some people play him support, but he's best as a mid solo AP hero.

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  1. Guess even reds make mistakes once in a while :P

  2. Would be nice to see that as next week's rotation!

  3. highly unlikely.. far too many 6300 champions :x.. they usually only put two so..

  4. That's a good point, there are an awful lot of 6300 champions in the second possible rotation. The only thing that makes me believe that it's possible is that Xerath, Graves, and Vayne were all recently on sale, so they might pop them in there just because a lot of people already have them.

    Alistar + Master Yi might make the rotation worth it for them as well. Also, Moneypenny must have gotten that list from -somewhere-

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