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Dec 27, 2011

The Rain Man - Lowest ELO takes out Trash

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What's so bad about trash?!

EDIT: As of January 1st, TheOddOne is now under TRM in ELO and has adorned his new emperor's clothes:

IN THE SOLO MID (TSM) house which consists of The Rain Man, Reginald, Xpecial, TheOddOne, Chaox + Dyrus (I don't think he's part of the bet) Whoever is the lowest ELO has to take out the trash. In a competitive gaming house of this caliber, it seems pretty fair, since they all fluctuate widely up and down the rankings ladder and play a multitude of games every day.

Currently the standings are:
Chaox 2411
Xpecial 2305
ReginaId 2151
TheOddOne 2079
The Rain Man 1974

The Rain Man has been at the bottom of this ladder for around a month now, and has been wearing trash bags to remind himself to work harder. Video below: (Trash Bag Tutorial starts at 2:15)

Reginald is also quoted as saying on stream to Saintvicious
"Whoever has the lowest elo in the TSM house has to wear the trashbag on stage for the IEM Kiev tourney in January"
Sounds exciting to me!

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  1. 10 to 12 fucking hours a day.
    u mad bro Oo



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