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Dec 31, 2011

Scarra hits 300 CS in 24 minutes Against CLG

My creepkilling is OVERWHELMING

Today during a match between Dignitas and CLG, Dignitas' mid AP carry Scarra, played Karthus against CLG Bigfatlp's Morgana. However, something different was in the air and Scarra was spot on with his CSing, hardly missing a single one.

By the time it hit 24 minutes his creepscore looked like this:

How? Well if you look at this chart you'll see that in 24 minutes the MAXIMUM possible CS is 292, and that's if you're SOLEY farming and stay in lane the entire duration of the 24 minutes without missing a single creep. So how did Scarra do it? Well clearly he took advantage of the 60 second respawn timer on the wraiths and wolves in the new jungle.

After the game, Scarra commented:
"As a clarification I think i missed about 9-14 cs in 20 minutes. I got wolf camps on cd and a couple wraith camps. Jiji was even with me until he went top to gank. I pulled 40cs ahead in that minute and a half and just went up ridiculously fast."
By the time the game finished, Scarra had an astounding 386 CS in 33:50 minutes with 4 kills and 10 assists.

Sure he was Karthus, one of the best farmers in the game, but still it's quite an impressive feat if I do say so myself. Meanwhile, us mere mortals should continue aiming for the 10/CS per minute mark to keep ourselves sane.

Images from Reddit.

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  1. Meh, I've had 450 in a 38 minute game with cait (not against pros obviously), but that's quite amazing to do against another pro team.

  2. ^ he really doesnt understands this

  3. I got 335 in 22 minutes and 43 seconds today as Mordekaiser. Huehuehue.

  4. That's awesome! You'll be the next Dyrus in no time :P Or maybe you ARE Dyrus...

  5. why is the first comment always some douche who doesn't think the post is relevant and/or impressive

  6. because thats the internet, people who claim to be um-impressed or just a dick.

  7. People who wants to feel good about themselves for being nobody. If you're saying that you're better than scarra, why does nobody cares about you? Mind-Blown...


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