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Dec 14, 2011

Ahri Champion Spotlight Released!

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I'm in the spotlight!

As the title says, the Ahri Champion spotlight has been released!
  • Looks like Ahri will be a very skillshot based champion due to her Orb of Deception and her Charm. 
  • Her dash ultimate seems pretty strong as it has the ablity to go over walls unlike Riven.
  • People who are able to successfully land her Orb of Deception twice as definitely rewarded highly. 
  • In terms of the first week, I don't think she'll be a faceroll champion, so try and practice her a bit before jumping into ranked. 
  • Her damage output seems to be similar to Ezreal in the fact that most of her moves are skillshot based and thus she might be a bit weak before people start mastering her.
  • Staying away from ranked for 2 or 3 days might save you some headaches.

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