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Nov 24, 2011

Which is the best Champion Bundle to Buy?

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When I first started playing League of Legends, I thought I'd never pay any money for a free game, so I never bought any bundles. But looking back, I really really wish I had just bought one of the bundles instead of continuously buying one hero at a time, because not only would I have saved time and IP, I would have had so much more fun playing.

I'm not trying to sell you anything or even get referrals because you can obviously just buy it straight off the LoL client and get your stuff instantly, but honestly it's a pretty decent deal.

Looking at all the bundles though, it's pretty hard to choose from since there's the Champions Bundle, Digital Collector's Pack, and the Gamer's Choice Pack. I did a few calculations though, and here are my results below:

As you look at this chart, keep in mind that the average price of a 6300 hero is 975 RP, which means the ratio is 6.46. This means that the Gamer's Choice Pack is even worse than just buying heroes separately, while the Digital Collector's Pack, NOT including the extra runes, free skin, and RP rebate, is the winner here and gives you 40% more IP for your money which can be used towards more important things like runes, which can't be bought with IP.

The ones in BOLD are heroes I'd consider top tier and would use in a ranked game.

Edit: As of recent November changes, the Champions bundle might be more towards your liking since Karthus, Shaco, and Sion are included in that one and are top picks now. The Digital Collector's Pack has the new additions of Tryndamere and Malphite with recent buffs though, so it's still probably the best long-term buy.

On the other hand, you might just decide that you don't feel like paying any money for a free game, and that's totally up to you. They're making plenty of money anyway, but I think that if you're planning on spending any real money for the game, getting the collector's pack OR the champion's pack would certainly be a decent idea.

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  1. i bought the champions bundle and am satisfied with my purchase, there are alot of fun champions in it such as Shaco, Twitch and Karthus. In the next few days i will maybe buy the digital collectors pack, i couldn't have better made my decision without the data you have presented here. thank you.


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