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Nov 24, 2011

Dodge Rune Refunds + Hero Reworks

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Dodge Dodge Dodge

Hey everyone! Hope you're all about to stuff your face full of turkey and other yummy goodness. I'm already salivating at the mere thought of dinner. Anyway, if you've been keeping up with the recent announcements, Riot's going to be giving out refunds for all the dodge runes, probably including the special Halloween quints as well. What will you guys be doing with your extra 7000 IP? I'll personally probably be picking up Riven for some top lane domination.

Any new dodge runes that you buy now are also going to be refunded, and the dodge champions Jax, Sivir, and Udyr are getting "reworked". This sounds like good news, since as everyone knows, "reworked" usually means "changed to border-line overpowered" in Riot language.

Udyr's already a very powerful champion, but I'm looking forward to popping out some Sivir action, since the poor babe's had no action for months now.

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!

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