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Nov 30, 2011

Jungle Hotfix + Riot's first Upvoted Patch Post in a Week

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Updated: Jungle Hotfix is now *LIVE*

After another "what do you guys think of the jungle thread" yesterday by Morello received another 800 downvotes, it looks like Riot's finally making some headway in resolving their mistakes with the jungle. They've taken the input of top players (and thousands of other clearly upset players) and are going to try and hotfix the numbers on some clearly broken play. FINALLY.
Hey folks,
After letting the jungle settle for a day and not only reading the feedback on the forums, but watching streamers, discussing with high-level players, and running some additional internal testing and mathcraft, we will be making changes to the jungle, likely tomorrow. 
What will be the scope of these changes, and what are we trying to fix?
* XP Rate: This isn't as smoothed out as we'd liked (or was intended) and has been the most noticeable problem in the new jungle. While we do think this is not as drastically far off as some believe, it is lower than intended. We'll likely make updates here, especially relating to small camps. 
* Penalty of missed ganks: While we do like this tradeoff, we don't like the tradeoff ratio here, something you guys have also felt pretty substantially. Changes made will effect this for the better, whether in increased reward or reduced resource loss.
* Gold Rate: Jungler gold is slightly lower than needed, and this is also related to small camp gold. We will be more careful here as to not make counter-jungling worse (since it revolves largely on stealing the big monsters out of camps), but will be evaluating this.
Classick, Guinsoo and I will be doing some final proposals and mathcraft in the morning, in hopes to release it in a hotfix. I'll try to provide status updates as we get more information. Details to come.
Morello - Lead Champion Designer Track the Post Here

In other news, if you've been paying attention to the client, Tristana's been disabled for some unknown reason. Apparently she had some bugs that made her unable to move.

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