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Nov 29, 2011

Day 1 With New Jungle + Volibear

Jungling is definitely nerfed. Despite faster creep camp spawns, they don't compensate for the decrease in EXP and gold that each camp provides. Sustained junglers still do well, but junglers with low sustain like Riven are slowed down by a lot. Jungling's still not hard, but their power and presence in the game is definitely diminished compared to being a solo laner.

Until some of the pro junglers like theoddone and saintvicious figure out how to jungle efficiently, it's going to be a slowed for the time being. So far neither of them are terribly pleased with the new jungle at the moment so we'll have to wait and see.

Volibear on the other hand seems like a pretty average champion. He's not overpowered or underpowered by any means, nor is his skill set very unique and thus there shouldn't be any surprise learning curves in the future. He plays somewhat like a combination of Singed and Garen, which makes him a tanky DPS and "OP" only if fed. His jungling ganks are pretty decent and should definitely be watched out for though.

Meanwhile, feel free to watch TheOddOne's stream below as he works his way around the new jungle.

Updated TheOddOne Comments List:
1. AD-based junglers definitely have an advantage over AP based junglers right now
2. "What's the point of counterjungling now anyway?"

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  1. Ugh...everytime I fail a gank I fall behind a level and a half lol

  2. no... just dont' gank.

  3. But then everyone complains LOL


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