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Sep 30, 2011

When is the best time to play Ranked Matches?

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To me, to favor one time over another would be a breach of duties...

I've often been asked by readers, "what's the best time to play a ranked game in League of Legends?" Personally, I've always wondered this myself. Naturally, playing with non-English speakers is difficult when you yourself don't speak any other language. However, League of Legends, being a global game, will have people from countries all over the world playing at all times, no matter what server you're on. NA players can play on EU servers and vice versa, and Asian players generally play on the NA servers as well.

On the other hand, most people playing the game from abroad speak English anyway, so chances are, it won't make a significant impact on gameplay. However, if you're looking to play with a specific crowd, there are a few times that might impact your decision on when to play: 

With the assumption that most people in grade school go from between 8 AM to 3 PM and most people work/eat dinner until about 8 PM on weekends, these cells have been shaded in.

This means if you'd prefer to mostly only play with a college crowd, then play between the Red Blocked off times, with the Green Blocked time being the absolute lowest chance of playing with people either still in grade school or who are at work.

If you enjoy playing with an older crowd, then playing in the yellow times will be ideal since this is when most of the older crowd comes back from work and finishes up eating dinner. Naturally, the white space will still have players too, but of a higher variation in age groups.

Honestly, almost any time in the day will have trolls, feeders, and generally good helpful people all mixed into one. However, if there's a specific demographic that you'd prefer to avoid, then this little table might be helpful. Personally, I love playing with all groups of people so I just play all day whenever I have the free time to do so.

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