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Sep 30, 2011

Formerly OP Champions #2 - Nidalee

Click me for a Wallpaper, or I might bushwhack you.

Made popular by none other than the former #1 solo que player and top LoL streamer HotshotGG, Nidalee used to be a #1 ban and a #1 pick, impossible to force out of lane with the ability to kill dragon sooner than the jungler, without anything except for a pair of boots and a set of dual buffs.

She also had the unique ability of destroying wards with her W skill, a trap that could reveal all invisible heroes and items, even shrooms, boxes, and sight wards. Nidalees that were good enough could save the team an oracle by sweeping every common ward location with her traps.

Her heal was also ridiculously strong, able to sustain her against two enemy harasses. With a simple Doran's Ring, Nidalee could stay in lane forever, even without Mana Regen yellows (Dodge was more popular for the improved movement speed from masteries)

Her Pounce was also nerfed by a full second, which is much more substantial than you think, since it was a major source of her intial damage in cougar form. This coupled with the nerf to Sheen and Trinity Force made her burst damage too low to initiate with, and thus also made her easy to focus down.

While Nidalee is still a viable hero, she's no longer the game-changing woman-beast she used to be. While fun to play when you land an AP-infused spear thrust, she suffers from her lack of CC and low survivability compared to the old tiger mistress.

Sorry Hotshot, your autowin hero is gone, but the nostalgia remains.

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  1. Nidalee making a comeback in pro play! w00t w00t can't keep a tiger down lol


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