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Sep 21, 2011

What Champions Do I Ban in Draft/Ranked Pick 5s?

Infernal Alistar Skin
What about me? :(

So you've started playing draft mode either normals or ranked, but really haven't thought about who to ban yet. What should you do? Well you could ban heroes that you REALLY hate, like that annoying Teemo or that Riven you know your teammate wants to pick but completely sucks at. 

You could also play towards the metagame and ban the heroes everyone else is banning because they think they're gamebreakingly strong. Well here's a list of such heroes, and should you choose to ban them, just remember you can only pick three of them.

The ones in bold are heroes that are most commonly banned (right now)

Last update: December 8 , 2013

Junglers: Shyvana,  Elise, Nasus, Rammus, Evelynn, Lee Sin
Support: Thresh, Taric, Annie
Solo Top: Riven, Dr. Mundo, Nasus
Solo Mid: Kassadin, Fizz, Nidalee
AD Carries: Sivir, Lucian

If you have any questions on why certain heroes have been getting the banstick lately or other heroes you've been seeing feel free to comment!

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  1. Disagree with jungle gangplank. Not to strong anymore should be moved down.

  2. Thanks for commenting, need to update this list, sec.

  3. Why is kassadin no longer a top ban? (not bolded)

  4. Just kind of a FOTM thing, it's actually switching back to Kassadin from Ahri now

  5. can we get an update :)?

  6. Thanks for the reminder =]

  7. Update would be awesome:D

  8. I don't understand why people don't play/ban olaf more often. He's an anti tank/bruiser/tank who does an immense amount of damage through his true damage and his vicious strikes. Not to mention his ultimate which allows you to pop it in a team fight and run straight for the ADC (or whoever you want) without any disruptions and it also gives you bonus armour pen which is always handy. His passive makes him an insane jungler and combined with his Vicious strikes, nearly impossible to kill 1vs1 when his health is low. Olaf is the whole package in one champion. A good olaf can destroy teams

  9. you can only ban three guys ..every1 ia always gonna say why didnt you ban such and such.personally i mainly ban chars that have giant team stun ults for solo que.never know who might be on your team. =P

  10. shen solo queue takes alot of skill teams he can be op split push is always op but to me always banning jayce must ban ez must ban and rengar or malphite or even kat recently anyone that can (and will with the players i see solo queue) get fed and 1v5 us

  11. Why Amumu? He's not op anymore, ban hecarim and kayle.

  12. if Alison canApril 30, 2013

    needs to be updated

  13. Renato AlvesJuly 12, 2013

    needs new update.

  14. ROman1303July 23, 2013

    I ban very much :

    1. If i play jungle :

    2. If i play mid :
    -Twisted Fate/Gragas

    3. If i play adc:

    -and then what I want

    4. If i play support :
    -I can ban anything I want ... it dosen't really matter

    5. If i play top:
    -I have to ask my TEAM ( Because i can play something like Kennen and the enemy team won't know if i go top or mid or adc )

    For me this works evreytime :P :D !!!!

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