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Sep 21, 2011

Dominion Release + First Game Strategy and Thoughts

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Click on the pictures to enlarge them~You start at level 3 with lots more gold than usual.

Screenshot of starting screen

As of September 21, 2011 Dominion has been released for a brief time around noon Eastern Standard Time.

New/old summoner skills: Promote and Garrison have been released for Dominion.
It's basically a 5v5 map where you run around capturing bases for points and killing heroes. Whenever you capture a base or kill a hero, the enemy nexus loses health. When it gets down to 0, you win!

Heroes with high mobility seem to be the best on this map, and CV is almost completely useless. I ran ghost + ignite on poppy, and our allied blitzcrank did really well with his speed boost as well.

Most of us ran around trying to kill the opposing heroes, but I feel like in the future it'll be more of a grab 3 and defend like in World of Warcraft's Arathi Basin.

Decent first game!

Apparently Dominion was pulled back down after 2 hours of limited beta release. Looking forward to the full release as well as future limited betas!

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