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Sep 26, 2011

Formerly OP Champions #1 - Old Twisted Fate

Has the magic gone out?

As you know, the general discussion community loves complaining about all sorts of things Riot's doing wrong. If you know this, you'll also know that past the ELO hell complaints and the ranked game complaints, the biggest complaint of all is about "OP" overpowered heroes. So they often get nerfed. This series is going to be a tribute to the formerly OP heroes in the game that have since been nerfed from #1 pick/ban into a "y u pick him man" heroes.

Episode #1: Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate received two very significant nerfs. His original skill set had Pick A Card's Gold card do an AOE stun, and Gate wasn't his ulti, just a regular skill. I think you can see how this might be a little OP.

His second incarnation moved him over to the same skill set we see now, but still keeping his global gating, this gave him the ability to still snowball a team to victory no matter how badly he was losing in mid lane. In fact, with teleport + his global, even if he was getting outharassed, his ability to pop in and out of the lane with new items let even noobs stay even with their opponent...until it was time to gank a lane.

Just like a single Eve stun could roam a team to victory, a single TF ult would bring any team fight from 2v2 to 3v2 with vision over all shrooms, traps, and heroes.

TF could build any way he wanted, AD, AS, AP, Hybrid, pretty much everything worked. You could be a burst ganker, a backdoor master, Baron stealing champion, and an Eve counter.

Now you can barely make it to the first tower using your ultimate, and your stun speed is too slow to stop Brand from hitting you with his pillar. Now you're just like Shen, you can get to where you need to be a little faster than other heroes, but once you get there after your initial stun there's not much else to do.

Give TF some Lovin' Riot!

Future releases: Vladamir, Eve, Jax, Mordekaiser, Twitch, Corki, Ezreal, Nunu, Heimerdinger, Teemo, Shen, Nidalee

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  1. just tried TF from the free rotation and he wasn't that bad, i mean his global ulti was way too op imo... even his ulti now i think is way better than others, isn't it like a summoner teleport without any restrictions

  2. Right now TF's still viable, but his farming utility is just a far cry from where he used to be. Before, you could farm a lane and jump into a teamfight whenever it came up, plus escape any gank using zhonyas.

    His laning phase still has a good amount of pressure if you can match up your pick-a-cards with when your lane opponent wants to last hit, but definitely takes a lot more skill to play effectively with less margin for error.


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