Sep 26, 2011

Enjoying ELO Hell

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Welcome to hell. Please enjoy your stay!

So here it is, I've sunk into ELO Hell after losing four games in a row. How is it? Surprisingly, it's actually pretty fun...once you get over the fact that you're in ELO hell at least!

Some things I've seen on my tour of ELO Hell in the zoo:
1. TF solo mid starting with a dagger and a pot. Fun times for Orianna.
2. Akali last pick with CV, drops her shroud every time she steps on a Caitlyn trap
3. Mordekaiser rushing Zhonyas Hourglass, no boots.
4. "Don't play ashe please, we already have brand."
5. "Orianna ban is fail."

What other fun times have you seen in ELO Hell? Comment below and share your stories! I'll add it to the list :) Also, feel free to watch this short clip of Robot Chicken I feel pertains to the whole situation. Replace the word "QUICKSAND" and "JUNGLE" with the word "ELO HELL" every time you hear it.

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  1. LOL Probably one of my favorite Robot Chicken Episodes


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