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Jul 23, 2011

Early Game Warding Guide

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So what's this post about? It's about warding at level 4, especially if you're in the side lanes. By warding at level 4, I mean when you're soloing, if you're duo laning you should probably ward at level 3, or maybe even at level 1.

Why? Well the reason is simple: The Jungler. If they don't have a jungler then you might not have to ward until level 6 when the mid laner decides he's bored of last hitting and comes up to kill you top lane or get a double bot lane.

When you're level 4, the average jungler is also going to be reaching level 4 along with the red buff. If you've been about even in lane against your opponent like you should be, if that jungler comes along you'll almost HAVE to either pop a summoner or just die.

This means that you'll need ample time to see that jungler coming, or else you'll lose a valuable summoner, your life, or worse, the entire lane.

Ward Spots:

The most common place people put a ward on the side lanes is in the bottom bush. so that they can see heroes hiding in it. You'll want to place it a little lower if you do, just so that you get more sight of the river like so:

Top Lane
Spot 1: The bush spot. Gives vision of the bush in case your laning opponent tries something sneaky. Good for the face-checking curious people, or people that like to be more aggressive.
Spot 2: Best for defensive playing against red when their jungler comes to gank you and you're on the left side.
Spot 3: Helps defend your jungler against ganks when he goes to get his second blue buff and shows you river as well. I like this spot best, or somewhere in between 2 and 3.
Bot Lane
Spot 1: Same as above, the bush sight giving ward.
Spot 2: Good for protecting against red gank, gives minor sight to dragon, and gives some sight to golem.
Spot 3: Good for giving sight of dragon, and protecting your blue from the enemy.

Note: Top is naturally more offensive top and bot is more offensive bot just because of where the reds are located. The wards are generally used defensively, but they can also be used the opposite way to see if the enemy jungler is coming to protect against your offensive jungling.

Although you should be warding the entire game, level 4 is pretty much when you HAVE to start warding if there's a jungler, or else you're just giving the enemy some free kills and/or summoner cds. If they have no jungler or roamer, feel free to wait until the mid lane is level 6 before warding unless they're pretty active in switching lanes.

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