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Jul 23, 2011

New Kayle Rework - Nerfs and Buffs

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Not only has the Kayle model been completely redone, but several technical tweaks have been provided as well.

Passive: Holy Fervor: Shreds armor
Reckoning: Increased missile speed, lower damage
Divine Blessing: More speed, less CD, less buff time
Righteous Fury: More damage/splash range, lower AP ratios/CD

Removed passive which scaled well into late game
Lower Reckoning damage amplification
Lowered speed boost time from heal

Armor/mag pen shreding passive for early game
Mana costs

Summary: They made Kayle a little stronger early game, and weaker late game by lowering her AP ratios and decreasing her mana costs and CDs.

My Comments:

I don't think Kayle really needed a rework, but her new nuke speed makes her a little more bursty (albeit less sneaky). She's basically the same hero, just tweaked more for early game and nerfed a lot in terms of item scaling for late game. Seems like Riot wants her to be used as a damaging support hero instead of a carry, so they gave her nuke a little more speed, and decreased her healing. I'm seeing her as a taric/sion kind of role, leaning more towards sion in terms of farm. Personally I'll still be playing her AP as a carry...because it's more fun.

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