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Dec 9, 2020

Official Patch 10.25 Notes Released!

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Buffs: Anivia, Ekko, Gragas, Irelia, Ivern, Karthus, Lee Sin, Lulu, Mordekaiser, Nasus, Nidalee, Pantheon, Seraphine, Twitch, Yasuo, Yone

Nerfs: Annie, Fizz, Jhin, Kayle, Kayn, Morgana, Samira




The Iron Maiden

Lead the charge with Rell in patch 10.25!


Base mana growth decreased. E base damage decreased later. R stun duration decreased early and now scales.

Amumu's win rate was exceeding acceptable bands, to the point where we had to micropatch him in on 10.24. We're reiterating the changes here in case you missed it: With the synergy between his passive, Despair's uptime, Tantrum's resist scaling, Sunfire Aegis' unique and resistances, Demonic Embrace's burn, and Abyssal Mask's damage amplification on his R, Mummy seems to be the clear winner of preseason. Add in his buff in 10.23 when we made his ult a stun and he's been sweeping the competition off their feet. This should knock him down a peg.

Base Stats

MANA GROWTH 60  40 (revert of 10.23 buff)

E - Tantrum

BASE DAMAGE 75/100/125/150/175  75/95/115/135/155

R - Curse of the Sad Mummy

STUN DURATION 2 seconds  1.5/1.75/2 seconds


Basic attack animation sped up. Q cooldown, missile speed, and detonation damage increased; passthrough damage and cost decreased; now Chills enemies it passes through. E cost flattened and damage increased. R cooldown now scales; base damage decreased; cost decreased.

Anivia's been feeling out of date for a while. Though technically balanced, we thought she could use an update to her playstyle. Since she also lost a bunch of power from preseason changes, we're using this as an opportunity to fluff and buff her feathers. To make room for these modernization improvements, we're also cutting some base damage from her R so that she doesn't fly too close to the sun.

Base Stats

ATTACK DELAY CAST OFFSET -0.008  -0.1 (in other words, her basic attack animation has been sped up)

Q - Flash Frost

newWELCOME TO CHILLI'S Flash Frost now Chills enemies it passes through
updatedBIRDSEYE Flash Frost's detonation now occurs at the correct location rather than slightly behind
COOLDOWN 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds  11/10/9/8/7 seconds
PASSTHROUGH DAMAGE 60/85/110/135/160 (+45% AP)  50/70/90/110/130 (+25% AP)
DETONATION DAMAGE 60/85/110/135/160 (+45% AP)  70/105/140/175/210 (+50% AP)
COST 80/90/100/110/120 mana  80/85/90/95/100 mana

E - Frostbite

COST 50/60/70/80/90 mana  40 mana
DAMAGE 50/75/100/125/150 (+50% AP)  60/90/120/150/180 (+60% AP)

R - Glacial Storm

COOLDOWN 6 seconds  4/2.5/1 seconds
BASE DAMAGE 40/60/80  30/45/60
COST 75 (+40/50/60 per second) mana  60 (+35/45/55 per second) mana


E bonus movement speed decreased.

Annie has seen strong success with her pick-and-burst potential. As the new season also brought a trove of Annie-friendly toys, we're toning back some of the movement that helped her run it down.

E - Molten Shield

BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED 30%-60% (level 1-18)  20%-50% (level 1-18)


Passive damage ratio to monsters increased and cap removed.

Ekko's doing well in mid but is really struggling in the jungle, so we're giving him back our 10.3 nerf and a little extra.

Passive - Z-Drive Resonance

DAMAGE RATIO TO MONSTERS 150% (caps at 600)  250% (no cap)


Base mana growth decreased.

Fizz has been faring swimmingly despite his mana loss in 10.24. In combination with the overall net positive from Mythics, he's hopped over the line. Turning the tides by reverting our change in 10.23.

Base Stats



Passive healing increased. W cooldown decreased.

Gragas was hit hard, especially in a post-preseason jungle with less health to guzzle. Helping him clear camps faster to soften the blow.

Passive - Happy Hour

HEALING 6% of max health  8% of max health

W - Drunken Rage

COOLDOWN 6 seconds  5 seconds


Base AD increased. Q cooldown decreased.

Irelia hasn't really found a home with the Fighter Mythics yet, so we're specifically tackling the areas that will help her synergize better with existing Mythics and also handing her back some cooldown for her immediate Sheen purchase.

Base Stats


Q - Bladesurge

COOLDOWN 12/11/10/9/8 seconds  11/10/9/8/7 seconds


Q cooldown decreased. E cooldown decreased; shield increased. R basic attack speed increased.

Ivern's fallen below par and deserves quite a bit of love, especially after the shift to ability haste. To help root him as a stronger jungle pick, we're giving back some of the extra shielding power he lost from Athene's, and opening up access to more of his abilities to help both him and his allies survive fights. And we can't forget about Daisy, can we?

Q - Rootcaller

COOLDOWN 14/13/12/11/10 seconds  12/11/10/9/8 seconds

E - Triggerseed

COOLDOWN 12/11/10/9/8 seconds  11/10/9/8/7 seconds

R - Daisy!



Q minimum damage ratio decreased.

Even with some of his lethality options catching some nerfs (see below), Jhin's still cashing out hard this preseason with pure crit builds. Giving him a direct trim.

Q - Dancing Grenade

MINIMUM DAMAGE RATIO 45/52.5/60/67.5/75% AD  35/42.5/50/57.5/65% AD


Q cost decreased later; damage ratio increased.

Karthus isn't performing well in any of his roles, but seems to do a lot better when getting mana out of his Mythic. We're giving him a small boost, but also expect item optimizations will improve his strength.

Q - Lay Waste

COST 20/26/32/38/44 mana  20/25/30/35/40 mana


Base magic resist decreased. E passive damage ratio decreased.

Prior to the item rework, we buffed Kayle in preparation so that she'd have better choices in the new system. Those items ended up synergizing really well on her and have resulted in an overperformance in the mid lane. We overall like the item choices she has so we're not fully reverting the buff we did in 10.23, but are instead targeting other problem areas (her resilience in the midlane and the on-hit damage she gets when combined with Nashor's Tooth).

Base Stats


E - Starfire Spellblade



Base armor decreased. Q base damage decreased; cooldown increased.

Kayn is one of the few junglers able to fully utilize the new jungle item due to his penchant for strong basic attacking and AoE damage, increasing his overall early clear speed and power. Bringing some of his early clears back in line.

Base Stats

ARMOR 38  35

Q - Reaping Slash

BASE DAMAGE 75/95/115/135/155  65/85/105/125/145
COOLDOWN 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds  7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds

Lee Sin

Base armor increased. W cooldown decreased. E base damage increased.

Monk with no sight and no Machete means monk gets more muscle.

Base Stats

ARMOR 33  36

W - Safeguard

COOLDOWN 14 seconds  12 seconds

E - Tempest

BASE DAMAGE 80/120/160/200/240  100/140/180/220/260


Q base damage decreased; deals bonus damage to targets hit with both bolts; removed passthrough falloff damage; deals less damage to minions.

Giving Lulu a higher success rate when hitting both Glitterlance bolts and clearing up confusion around whether her second bolt does any damage. Well, now it does!

Q - Glitterlance

BASE DAMAGE 80/115/150/185/220  70/105/140/175/210
newI RECOMMEND BOLTS Hitting a target with both bolts now deals 25% bonus damage
removedJUST A BOLT Bolts no longer have passthrough falloff damage
newNOT JUST MINIONS Bolts now deal 70% damage to minions


Q isolated enemy damage increased.

Morde became a little worse for wear after losing his Liandry's + Rylai's combo, but was at the very least propped up by Riftmaker's in 10.23. With Riftmaker nerfed in 10.24, we are looking to give some power back to Morde himself so he's not so reliant on a specific item or item combo.

Q - Obliterate

ISOLATED ENEMY DAMAGE INCREASE 20/25/30/35/%  30/35/40/45/50%


W DoT decreased later.

Morgana's DoT is making her too strong in her solo lane, especially as her opponents don't have the help of another body like in bot.

W - Tormented Shadow

DAMAGE PER SECOND 12/24/36/48/60 (based on enemy champion's missing health)  12/22/32/42/52 (based on enemy champion's missing health)


Q cooldown decreased.

Due to the changes to cooldown reduction, Nasus is finding it difficult to ramp up the frequency of his strikes. Directly reducing its base cooldown to let it scale better into the late game.

Q - Siphoning Strike

COOLDOWN 8/7/6/5/4 seconds  7.5/6.5/5.5/4.5/3.5 seconds


Q cost decreased later; damage increased later. E cost decreased.

Nidalee's balance state used to be extremely tied to her synergy with Runic Echoes, which was removed in the item rework. She is also running into pretty severe mana issues, due to the fact that her costs were tuned around the item. With all that in mind, we're shifting some of her power from strong mid-game farming into more champion-focused damage, as the latter is friendlier to all levels of players.

Q - Javelin Toss

COST 50/60/70/80/90 mana  50/55/60/65/70 mana
MINIMUM DAMAGE 70/85/100/115/130 (+50% AP)  70/90/110/130/150 (+50% AP)
MAXIMUM DAMAGE 210/255/300/345/390 (+150% AP)  210/270/330/390/450 (+150% AP)

E - Primal Surge

COST 60/75/90/105/120 mana  50/60/70/80/90 mana


Realigning Pantheon to better support the various roles he's been taking on the Rift.

Pantheon's last overhaul was aimed at bringing new life to an old top lane mainstay. With time and professional play, his rework shifted gears to mid, and then to support. While we love seeing players innovate and journey with the champion, we can't ignore the growing sentiment of folks missing the old champion they love, and we think it's worthwhile to bring Pantheon back to his original home.

With that being said, the intent of these changes isn't to destroy support Pantheon, but rather to adjust that role's power, while also giving a boost to the tools that'll finally let old-school Pantheon fans successfully play him in top, and even mid lane, as promised years ago.

TL;DR, we're shifting more power into a bruiser-y playstyle by giving him a higher uptime on his Q and equipping him with more selfish outputs like armor penetration at the cost of utility (i.e. strong invulnerability), slows, and most importantly, a massive movement speed boost for when he crashes onto the scene.

Base Stats


Passive - Mortal Will

newCALL ME BACK Pantheon now gains 5 stacks when he recalls.

Q - Comet Spear

EARLY RELEASE BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Pantheon's Q would not cast and still go on cooldown when he was hit with a CC
COST 40 mana  30 mana
removedEMPOWERED SLOW Comet Spear no longer slows

W - Shield Vault

BASE DAMAGE 60/80/100/120/140  60/100/140/180/220
BUGFIX When Pantheon hits an enemy with an Mortal Will-empowered W and uses another ability immediately following, the next basic attack will now properly be empowered

E - Aegis Assault

removedINVULNERABLE E no longer blocks turret shots
REDIRECTION SLOW 50% (based on movement direction)  25% (based on movement direction)
MORTAL WILL EMPOWERMENT Consuming Mortal Will stacks extends the duration of Aegis Assault  When Pantheon slams his shield, he consumes Mortal Will stacks to gain 60% movement speed for 1.5 seconds

R - Grand Starfall

newPIERCE THE HEAVENS Pantheon gains 10/20/30% armor penetration
newX MARKS THE SLOW The spear that lands before Pantheon now slows for 50% and applies a spear's worth of damage (unempowered) in a small area around it
newALLY VFX Grand Starfall's ground indicator now appears for both Pantheon and allies at start of channel


Passive updated to extend Knock Up duration on already knocked up enemies. Q and R life steal effectiveness decreased. Q crit bugfix.

Samira's win rate isn't over the line, but her ban rate certainly is, which indicates an issue with game health. Cutting a frustrating knock up mechanic and the hard synergy she gained with new items.

Passive - Daredevil Impulse

updatedKNOCKING AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE Instead of knocking up Immobilized enemies, Samira now keeps already knocked up enemies in the air for at least 0.5 seconds. Samira can still dash into range for a basic attack against Immobilized enemies.

Q - Flair

BUGFIX Critically hitting an enemy with Q now deals the proper bonus damage

R - Inferno Trigger



Base health growth increased. W self-shield increased.

Seraphine is currently feeling a lot of weakness against more aggressive opponents (i.e. Zed, Fizz, Akali) in the midlane. So much so that it's driving players away from playing her there. We're giving her a little more durability so that she can survive longer and more successfully in 1v1s.

Base Stats


W - Surround Sound

newBEAT OF MY OWN DRUM Seraphine's personal shield is now increased by 50% (shield value is now 90-180 (based on level) (+45% AP))


Adjusted Shyvana's Passive on non-SR game modes like ARAM and Nexus Blitz.

As many Shyvana players know, it's extremely frustrating to play Shyvana on any other game modes besides those on Summoner's Rift because Passive only gives her 5 bonus armor and magic resistance On other maps she has no way to fully gain from her passive! Well, we're changing that.

Passive - Fury of the Dragonborn

ARAM (HOWLING ABYSS) Shyvana begins the game with 5 bonus armor and magic resistance. She also gains permanent stacking armor and magic resistance whenever she or her allies kill Cannon Minions or Super Minions. Additionally, Shyvana gains 1 armor, 1 magic resistance, and Dragon Fury regeneration (0.05 per stack) whenever she is healed by a Health Relic AOE on the enemy side of the map.
NEXUS BLITZ (TEMPLE OF LILY AND LOTUS) Shyvana gains permanent stacking armor and magic resistance whenever she or her allies kill nearby epic monsters, jungle monsters, and Rift Scuttlers. Additionally, Shyvana gains permanent Dragon Fury regeneration (0.05 per stack).


Subsequent Q hits no longer deal reduced damage to monsters.

Helping Jungle Taliyah keep up with other junglers while ensuring that her mid performance isn't overly affected.

Q - Threaded Volley

removedTHREADING ON THIN ICE Subsequent hits no longer have reduced damage against monsters


Q attack speed increased. W slow increased. R bonus damage increased.

Both AP and AD Twitch are significantly underperforming. Our goals are for both to be viable ways to play him, but to stay true to his original gameplay design, we don't necessarily want his AP gameplay to be stronger than AD. For now, we're going to be buffing him in both styles of play, but it is possible that we will need further tuning adjustments as players get used to AP Twitch.

Q - Ambush

ATTACK SPEED 30/35/40/45/50%  40/45/50/55/60%

W - Venom Cask

SLOW 25/30/35/40/45%  30/35/40/45/50%

R - Spray and Pray

BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE 20/30/40  25/40/55


Base AS growth increased.

Increasing Yasuo's attack speed scaling because his new itemizations don't always give him the ramp up he needs for scaling DPS.

Base Stats



Base AS growth increased.

Bros for life. Yone has the same issue as Yasuo and is being tuned accordingly.

Base Stats



W healing from monsters increased; now deals bonus damage to monsters.

Big cat and the following champs (forgive us for the non-alphabetized order here) came out of the preseason changes sorely missing the old Tiamat, so we're making adjustments for them. Rengar in particular took a massive clear speed hit, so we're bringing that back up.

W - Battle Roar

HEALING FROM MONSTERS 75% of the damage he's taken from monsters  100% of the damage he's taken from monsters
newMONSTER MASH W now deals 65-130 (levels 1-18) bonus damage to monsters


Passive bonus damage increased. Tooltip updated to reflect accuracy.

The loss of both Tiamat and Machete took its toll on Warwick's clear speed, and his builds are now looking very tank-heavy. Looking to buff that back up and add some more incentive for damage items.

Passive - Eternal Hunger

BONUS DAMAGE 10-44 (level 1-18)  12-46 (levels 1-18) (+15% bonus AD) (+10% AP)
TOOLTIP BUGFIX Updated tooltip from incorrectly stating that Eternal Hunger's bonus damage is 8-42 instead of 10-44, that healing is equal to damage attempted instead of damage dealt, and that below 25% health the healing is increased 300% instead of 250%


W return damage increased later.

Talon's ability to roam is contingent on his ability to clear waves. And his ability to clear waves was too reliant on Tiamat. While his lethality build suffered a lot, he's starting to move out of assassin items into Goredrinker and Ravenous, so we're only giving him a small buff for now.

W - Rake

RETURN DAMAGE 45/65/85/105/125  45/70/95/120/145


E now deals more damage to monsters.

Niche for sure, but jungle Wukong was also hit really hard, so we're adjusting accordingly.

E - Nimbus Strike

newTHAT'S...BANANAS Nimbus Strike now deals 50% more damage to monsters



Grouping some individual item changes since most of our item changes this patch can be easily categorized by class. A couple of notes on some specific items though: Muramana has started to see play as the optimal second item for several mage champions. We're changing its effect to physical damage to incentivize its target audience to pick it up (AD casters, where ya at), while laying the groundwork for potential buffs that won't encourage more mage poaching. And Seeker's Armguard was too efficient for its cost, so we're nudging down its power.

The Collector

DEATH AND TAXES EXECUTES All enemy targets except epic monsters and turrets  Enemy champions


SHOCK DAMAGE PROC Procs on all abilities and basic attacks  Procs on abilities that deal physical damage and basic attacks
PARTICLE ADDITION Readded the star particle that would appear when Manamune transforms into Muramana

Guinsoo's Rageblade

SEETHING STRIKE CONVERSION Now converts your crit chance to on-hit damage, leaving you with 0% crit chance

Zeke's Convergence

HEALTH 300  250
ARMOR 30  25
CONVERGENCE MARK DURATION 4 seconds  8 seconds

Seeker's Armguard


Jungle Starter Items

Certain junglers who get high value out of fast attacks and AoE have been significantly overperforming since preseason began, so we're paring down the power in clear speeds that were introduced in the new system.


SEAR ON-HIT Basic attacks no longer grant one tick of damage


SEAR ON-HIT Basic attacks no longer grant one tick of damage

Support Items

Some cleanup to support items to address some concerns:
  • Supports don't get many items in average games
  • Some item build paths were too high cost
  • Some items are weaker/stronger than others
  • The use of Imperial Mandate in solo lanes-it should still be a viable build, but shouldn't be optimal

Bandleglass Mirror

COST 365 gold  265 gold

Chemtech Putrifier

COST 450 gold  550 gold (with the above cost change, total cost is unchanged)

Ardent Censer

BUILD PATH Forbidden Idol + Blasting Wand + 650 gold  Forbidden Idol + Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome + 630 gold

Staff of Flowing Water

BUILD PATH Forbidden Idol + Blasting Wand + 650 gold  Forbidden Idol + Amplifying Tome + Amplifying Tome + 630 gold

Imperial Mandate

TOTAL COST 2700 gold  2500 gold
DAMAGE 60-100  36-60
ALLY DAMAGE 60-100  90-150

Moonstone Renewer

TOTAL COST 2700 gold  2500 gold
updatedSTARLIT GRACE VFX Improved particle visuals when in combat
STARLIT GRACE HEAL 60-90 (based on ally's level)  70-100 (based on ally's level)
STARLIT GRACE HEAL MULTIPLIER IN COMBAT 25% per second (max 100%)  12.5% per second (max 50%)

Locket of the Iron Solari

TOTAL COST 2700 gold  2500 gold
DEVOTION SHIELD 250-420  230-385

Shurelya's Battlesong

TOTAL COST 2700 gold  2500 gold
INSPIRE BONUS DAMAGE 40-60 (based on ally's level)  35-55 (based on ally's level)

Crit Strike Items

Many of our marksman champions are still weak, especially those that rely on their basic attacks to deal damage. To help with this issue, we're buffing a couple early build Legendaries so that marksman champions can scale up smoothly through midgame to eventually spike hard with Infinity Edge.


CLOUDBURST COOLDOWN 90 seconds  60 seconds



Essence Reaver



TOTAL COST 1200 gold  1050 gold

Rapid Firecannon

TOTAL COST 2700 gold  2500 gold

Phantom Dancer

TOTAL COST 2700 gold  2500 gold

Mercurial Scimitar

TOTAL COST 2900 gold  3000 gold

Mortal Reminder

TOTAL COST 2700 gold  2500 gold

Lord Dominik's Regards


Infinity Edge

removedCRIT SCALING Infinity Edge no longer grants critical strike damage scaling with critical strike chance (max 40% at 100% crit chance)
newTHIS IS CRITICAL If you have at least 60% critical strike chance, Infinity Edge now grants 35% Critical Strike Damage.

Mana Mythics

Responding to feedback about champions feeling sluggish with low haste by making a few changes to some of the AP mana Mythics to improve baseline item feels. Liandry's will still be the ultimate haste option, providing up to 40 haste late game. Ornn's items will also reflect equivalent adjustments.

Luden's Tempest




Lethality Mythics

Eclipse and Duskblade are both overperforming on ranged champions.

Duskblade of Draktharr

newUP CLOSE AND SLOWED Nightstalker's on-hit slow is now only applied with melee basic attacks (just like before 10.23)
updatedNIGHTSTALKER VFX Improved visibility when champion becomes stealthed


EVER RISING MOON SHIELD (RANGED) 100 (+30% bonus AD)  75 (+20% bonus AD)

Tank Items

Some more tank systemic nerfs. Slowing down Bami's power spike, especially for junglers, and pushing Mythic item strengths further apart from each other. Sunfire may be a standout in popularity, but all of them are reaching higher power levels at the moment than desired.

Bami's Cinder

TOTAL COST 1000 gold  1100 gold

Sunfire Aegis

HEALTH 450  350

Frostfire Gauntlet

MYTHIC INCREASED SIZE 7.5%  6% (Reminder that Immolate and Snowbind's effect ranges also scale with your champion's size)

Turbo Chemtank

SUPERCHARGED SLOW DURATION 2 seconds  1.5 seconds

Item Shop Updates

We've been hard at work iterating on the shop and have some exciting features to share with you this time. Stay tuned - we aren't done yet and there will be more coming soon.
newSMARTER RECOMMENDATIONS The data is flowing in nicely and during 10.25 we'll be enhancing the recommendation system with the latest and greatest builds from around the world
newQUICKBUY PINS You can now pin open any Quickbuy Panel by clicking the button that appears in the top-left of the panel when it is opened. In a future update, the shop will remember the pins you set.
newSHOP SCALING If the shop was either too smol or thicc for your liking, you can now change this from interface settings in the options menu
LOCKED ITEMS In more instances, items you cannot purchase for reasons other than you being broke will have a lock displayed on them.
WE RECOMMEND THIS TAB The default tab of the shop has been changed from All Items to Recommended.
EXTENDED STATS Extended stats in the main UI will now properly show while the in-game shop is open
LANGUAGE SEARCH Items can be searched for in different languages

In-Game Chat Updates

We're continuing to iterate on the new in-game chat. This time we're focused on eliminating those pesky early line breaks.
  • Font size decreased
  • Chat widened
  • Fixed some issues with the scrollbar not mapping correctly to the window
  • Fixed the 1px misalignment between chat and input that made the game unplayable

Nexus Blitz Returns

Nexus Blitz is back in 10.25, this time with a couple of changes we've made from feedback we received from last run, as well as some bugfixes:
  • Jungle Guardian now deals less damage, but CCs more often. It also now has a laser that shows who it's targeting.
  • All Nexus Blitz-only items are removed, except The Golden Spatula. Nexus Blitz items match what you're familiar with on Summoner's Rift, except without gold generation items or warding items.
  • Frogs! Foxes! Environment art updates and features added throughout the map.
  • Scuttle's home in the bottom of the map has been updated to provide more opportunity for strategic vision play
  • Entrances into the bases have been widened slightly
  • Mentioned already in her section above, but Shyvana has a new passive!
  • The Catapult of Champions can no longer be displaced from its location when crashed into by the Battle Sled
  • Champions participating in URF Deathmatch do not permanently lose access to abilities after the event is over (i.e. Lulu's E - Help, Pix!)
  • Jungle monsters can no longer be moved and trapped behind the Catapult of Champions through certain champions' abilities (i.e. Syndra's W - Force of Will, Blitzcrank's Q - Rocket Grab
  • Champions entering a zombie state (i.e. KogMaw's Passive - Ichathian Surprise) mid-Catapult-flight will still land at their intended location
  • Certain champion abilities (i.e. Tahm Kench's W - Devour) can no longer temporarily grant death immunity to Loot Goblins
  • If a champion enters the Catapult while mid-air through their abilities (i.e. Nidalee's W - Pounce, Ziggs' W - Satchel Charge, etc.), they will now properly gain the Catapult effects when they land as if they entered the Catapult normally
  • Yone's E - Soul Unbound properly detonates and deals true damage against DPS Check Target Dummy and Loot Goblins
  • Kalista's R - Fate's Call can no longer be used on allies in stasis during Prize Fight

Ranked Update

Continuing our work on Ranked to ensure that the start of season is a less frustrating experience for all players. For Diamond specifically, we're removing the complexity in the system since the tier used to have an entirely different version of decay. This new version is also more forgiving for Diamond players than the old version, in addition to being more relaxed than the rules for Master+.
  • Initial Placement Configuration: The Ranked reset at the start of the season will be smaller this year to get players back to their expected rank faster. To compensate, LP gains and losses have been made slightly smaller.
  • Unified Ranked Decay: Diamond now uses the same banked-game decay system as Master+, though with more relaxed tuning.

Master, Grandmaster, Challenger

  • Each game played banks 1 day of activity, up to 10
  • After 10 days of inactivity, you'll begin consuming banked days
  • Once all banked days have been consumed, you lose 250 LP each day until you fall out of Master


  • Each game played banks 7 days of activity, up to 28
  • After 28 days of activity, you'll begin consuming banked days (this initial grace period is skipped if you decayed into Diamond from Master+)
  • Once all banked days have been consumed, you lose 50 LP each day until you fall out of Diamond

2021 Refund Token Grant

As outlined in our Content Refund FAQ, players with less than three refund tokens in 2020 will receive their 2021 refund token granted in 10.25! As a reminder, you only get back one refund token per year, even if you are down more than one. You can always check how many you have in the Store and read through the Player Support FAQ for more information about refund tokens.

Bugfixes/QoL Changes

  • LEAGUE CLIENT: "This skin is no longer available for purchase" tooltip no longer appears at the start of Champ Select
  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Chat window no longer jumps to the left in Champ Select
  • LEAGUE CLIENT: Social Panel - Hovercards once again correctly display a friend's game type and champion while they are in game
  • We've standardized the icon that appears next to targets when their resistances have been shredded
  • Renekton's death VO now properly plays in all languages
  • Sylas now properly gets credit for attacks landed when using Passive - Petricite Burst
  • Yuumi's W - You and Me! now properly goes on cooldown when she is affected by charms or knock-ups
  • The orb that Cosmic Vladimir holds now properly reappears upon revival
  • Nami's W - Ebb and Flow now properly grants allies with movement speed from Passive - Surging Tides
  • Attacking a target multiple times as Bard with Meeps from Passive - Traveler's Call will now properly reapply Imperial Mandate
  • Elise's E - Rappel now properly increases the effects of her Passive - Spider Queen
  • Knight's Vow's Sacrifice, Immortal Shieldbow's Lifeline, Night Harvester's Soulrend, Hextech Rocketbelt's Supersonic, and Lock of the Iron Solari's Devotion icons now properly display in the buff bar
  • When Jhin equips Guinsoo's Rageblade and Runaan's Hurricane, the bolts from his fourth shot will now properly deal normal damage
  • Champions' health bars will now accurately reflect the shield health even after activating Bloodthirster's Eclipse passive while another shield is active
  • Fixed a bug where it was possible to reset the cooldown of another item if you swapped the location of it with a freshly activated Sheen in your inventory
  • Abilities which empower a champion's basic attack will now properly trigger Mana Charge when hitting epic monsters
  • Fixed a bug where Kayle's attack range would unintentionally increase after leveling up her R - Divine Judgement
  • Corrected Kalista's E - Rend AD ratios to their proper values
  • Karthus can now properly trigger Horizon Focus with Q - Lay Waste
  • Killing a target as Kalista with Q - Pierce will now properly transfer all of the original target's E - Rend stacks to the next target
  • Kalista can no longer proc Electrocute or Phase Rush with two attacks (a basic attack or Q - Pierce, followed by E - Rend). It will now properly proc after 3 separate attacks/abilities.
  • Fixed many items' tooltips to match the actual in-game values in places like Match History, End of Game screen, etc.
  • Immolate's range indicator now properly increases in size with the champion (like Cho'Gath)
  • Shen's W - Spirit's Refuge no longer blocks all of Katarina's abilities that have an on-hit element. The spell portion of her damage should still be dealt to Shen.
  • All Runaan's Hurricane bolts now properly apply damage from Ravenous Hydra's Cleave passive
  • Fixed a bug where a player could cast Ashe's W - Volley while it's on cooldown if they level up it and cast it at the near same time
  • White tiles no longer appear at Zed's feet while recalling or during his death animation
  • Little Legends can now be saved through the Loadout Selector in ARAM, even if its the first game after unlocking the Little Legend

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