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Nov 13, 2020

Mid-Patch 10.23 Updates, Kassadin's Salvation???!

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 A couple of buffs and nerfs real early in the patch lifecycle, check out the changes below! Buffs: Garen, Kassadin, Vladimir Nerfs: Ashe, Viktor

Mid-Patch Buffs and Nerfs

A couple of buffs and nerfs real early in the patch lifecycle, check out the changes below!

Buffs: Garen, Kassadin, Vladimir
Nerfs: Ashe, Viktor

Mid-Patch Updates

11/12/2020 Balance & Bugfixes

Balance changes first! For mid-patch updates (especially so close to launch), we're focusing on clear outliers-not everything that got stronger or weaker. More changes will come in the weeks ahead as stable data becomes available!


FROST SHOT Ashe's basic attacks against enemies affected by Frost Shot no longer deal bonus damage based on her crit chance if she owns Guinsoo's Rageblade or Rageknife (tooltip will be updated next patch)


BUFF-FIX Fixed a bug where preseason's global crit damage reduction nerfed Garen's E - Judgment crits from +33% to +8%


R MANA COST 50 (up to 800 on fifth cast)  40 (up to 640 on fifth cast)


E DAMAGE 70/110/150/190/230 (+70% AP)  70/110/150/190/230 (+60% AP)
E AFTERSHOCK DAMAGE 20/60/100/140/180 (+60% AP)  20/50/80/100/140 (+40% AP)


BUFF-FIX Vladimir's E - Tides of Blood cooldown now properly starts on cast, rather than on release


PROC DAMAGE 8% target's max health  6% target's max health

Liandry's Anguish

MAGIC PEN VS BURNING TARGETS 5% per second, up to 25%  5% per second, up to 15%

Moonstone Renewer

BUFF-FIX Moonstone Renewer's heal now properly procs if you're in combat and cast an ability on an ally who isn't in combat

Guinsoo's Rageblade

COST 2600 gold  2800 gold
ON-HIT DAMAGE 45 per 20% crit chance (max 225)  40 per 20% crit chance (max 200)

Lich Bane

SPELLBLADE DAMAGE 150% base AD + 60% AP  150% base AD + 50% AP

Jungle Items

BUGFIX Fixed a bug where moving your jungle item in your inventory as it was being consumed to upgrade your Smite allowed you to keep the item to sell back for gold.

We've also got a bunch of bugfixes.


BUGFIX W - Spell Thief no longer creates Teleport bubbles if an enemy tries to cast Teleport on an invalid target

Elder Dragon

BUGFIX Riftmaker no longer causes Elder Dragon's burn to last indefinitely until the target dies
BUGFIX The Collector's execute no longer procs off Elder Dragon's execute, creating a loop against invulnerable targets that immediately killed them when the invulnerability wore off


BUGFIX Fixed a pathing bug that occurred if Galeforce's third missile didn't have a target to hit

Bramble Vest

BUGFIX Bramble Vest no longer loses the ability to apply Grievous Wounds if its owner dies

Corrupting Potion

BUGFIX Fixed a bug where Corrupting Potion could stack indefinitely by moving in and out on the item shop border

Doran's Shield & Doran's Ring

BUGFIX Bonus damage to minions is no longer lost on death

Doran's Ring

BUGFIX Doran's Ring's passive mana regeneration has been properly removed

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