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Dec 17, 2019

Aphelios 1-Shot Quadrakill Goes Viral

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Aphelios 1 shot quadra, disgusting from r/leagueoflegends

Summoner AgeraRS dumpsters four people 100 to 0 from halfway across the map with a single spell, showing just why Patch 9.24b is nerfing Aphelios as fast as possible despite his low win rate in solo queue.

Some quick sleuthing shows that his build at the time was Essence Reaver, Runaan's Hurricane, Berserker Greaves, Infinity Edge, and Stormrazor, with max Q and Press the Attack (visual image below).

In case you're still confused about what the heck just happened even after watching it a few times, to break it down he had Infernum, the Flamethrower equipped.

  • Moonlight Vigil [R] - Aphelios casts an AOE and deals instant damage, then locks onto each enemy hit
  • Based on the main weapon equipped, Aphelios gets a secondary effect
  • After a delay, basic attacks rain from the sky
  • Infernum deals additional damage on the initial blast, then deals splash damage for each enemy champion hit in a 500 unit circle.
  • C y @

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