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Sep 5, 2019

Top 10 Teamfight Tactics Tips - 1.5 Months Later

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Team Fight Tactics Guide
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Teamfight Tactics 1.5 Months In

Riot's new zen-like game mode is coming up on the 1.5-month mark of when ranked was first released, and the meta is still developing and evolving constantly. As of today, we're seeing a lot of shapeshifter and sorceror compositions with a smattering of rangers and hypercarry Dravens still working well enough to get first place.

By the time you read this the meta may have shifted even further, but below are ten tips to help you grind your way through ranked and get that sweet, sweet LP!

Focus on items

Many new players focus primarily on what champions they roll and what champions they see on the carousel. However, this is generally not the best way to go. Your success in this game is largely determined by what items you get and what items you pick up from the carousel. Rolling new champions is largely a matter of luck, but you can limit the random chance by looking at your items and building a team around them.

Place items on champions you'll sell

Holding a large number of items on your bench of a surefire way to do the "open fort" strategy and extend your loss streaks. On the other hand, if you're hoping to limit how much HP you lose then dropping items on champions you know you'll end up selling is optimal. These champions can be sold and items moved onto your hypercarries later, but in the meantime you won't be losing limbs.

Level three champions are BAIT

Getting a level three Draven as your hypercarry is definitely not a bad thing. But if you're pushing level three on your Rek'Sai while your Cho'Gath is at level one, this is a huge waste of gold and will likely result in you falling behind. Most games, a level three mid-to-late game is unnecessary for winning. If you've completed your team and are looking for upgrades it's useful, but most of the time it's better to level up harder and get better units.

Late game champions are busted

The new meta has shifted from hoarding gold to getting to late game as fast as possible. Not only will you have more units at your disposal, but you'll also get faster access to the four and five cost champions. If you can reach these champions before your rivals, this limits the pool they will have when they actually get to the proper level. These champions are also incredibly good and teams can easily be built around them.

Don't be afraid to force comps

Many players think that forcing comps is a sign of a newbie and the only way to gain LP is to play with what you get to the most optimal way. However, you never know what you're going to roll and playing with the first rolls you get may not be optimal. Instead, you should have two or three team compositions in mind and shift to whatever you get more items for.

Think about unit placement

Placing your units in good spots is absolutely crucial to performing well in TFT. Besides basic structures, be sure to look out for units like:
  • Kassadin
  • Blitzcrank
  • Hextech champions
  • Assassins
The units above will force you to change the way you play and make your positioning almost more important than the units you're running.

Scout enemies mid-game

Early game scouting is basically a useless exercise. On the other hand, mid-game scouting lets you figure out what your rivals are going. If you have two team comps that would work with your items and champions, if you see a ton of other players going one, pivoting to the other might give you the edge you need.

Scout enemies late-game

As mentioned before, scouting for certain champions will greatly impact whether you win or lose late game. Another "late-game" scout you'll want to look out for is to check if the enemy is running certain defensive items or dragons. If you're heavy on the type of damage they're blocking, consider picking up some mixed damage to push through enemy defenses.

Maximize AOE damage

Many champions in the game have strong AOE spells. Lining these champions up with the enemy in a way that maximizes your damage can absolutely change the flow of a fight. Similarly, if you notice your enemy is running a lot of AOE then spreading your unit around will certainly help you avoid getting one-shot.

Keep good mental

Teamfight Tactics is largely not reliant on physical skill other than when you're speed rolling. This means that the majority of the game will occur from a mental perspective and the best players are the ones that can keep a cool head. Random chance does play a large roll in this game, and if you can't look past that it will certainly impact your play. Focus on the things that you can control and avoid thinking about things you can't change. This will bring you far in TFT.

Got more helpful tips? Found some of these helpful? Comment below!

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