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Jul 8, 2019

Team Fight Tactics | Locket Sorcerer Strategy BUSTED

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Team Fight Tactics Guide
TFT Guide TRIPLE Locket?!

This latest strategy is catching on slowly, but most players still haven't discovered the magic of locket stacking with six sorcerers yet. The benefits of this build are that it renders your sorcerers nearly invulnerable to assassins, and also makes them tanky enough to not need a front line.

The premise is simple, you stack Locket of the Iron Solari (at least two) and then a Zeke's Herald if you're surviving well. This build deals a TON of damage and also doesn't need any level three champions to dish out enough damage to compete with most other builds.

This allows you to hoard gold early for leveling up while your opponents are desperately re-rolling for their level three champions and filling up their benches.

Item Builds

Locket of the Iron Solari (Needlessly Large Rod + Chain Vest)

Adjacent allies gain a shield of 200

 =  +  

Zeke's Herald = B.F. Sword + Giant's Belt

Adjacent allies gain 10% attack speed

  =    +  



The cheapest sorcerer, he's easy to stack up and good for an early game champion. Don't stack your locket on him though. He's a melee champion and will want to front line. As a result, you won't get as much exposure for the adjacent units (he'll be trapped).


Generally speaking Ahri is a solid carry. Stacking locket on her isn't necessarily good, since she does better with either attack speed (Guinsoo's Rageblade) or Deathcap/Spear of Shojin.


Stacking lockets on Lulu is generally the best strategy since she's a ranged support-based champion. She's also very cheap and you can build her up quickly if nobody else is picking her.


Some players like to stack their lockets on Veigar, but generally speaking, Spear of Shojin will be better on this guy. His high cost also tends to keep him relatively low in levels.


Depending on what level she gets up to, Morgana makes for a solid front line next to Kassadin. Her ultimate is exceedingly powerful, and if you're up against an assassin comp leaving her in the back isn't a bad idea either.

Aurelion Sol

In most games, Aurelion Sol will deal the most damage out of all of your carries. place him in the very back unless there's an enemy Blitzcrank, and stack up your Spear of Shojin and Deathcaps on him. Attack Speed is good too, but not optimal.


Provided you actually get to this point, Karthus will be the strongest sorcerer in this team composition, which makes sense given his five-gold status. Locket in this build is more than enough to keep even a level 1 Karthus alive, which allows your team to rapidly dismantle enemy defenses.

Additional Allies

Once you pick up six Sorcerors, your next few champions don't necessarily need to be Sorcerors. Instead, you can also opt to pick up a few additional synergies including champions like the following (which you may have picked up along the way if you didn't pull enough sorcerors).


This guy is probably the best secondary build. You'll likely get both the Yordle and Wild buff, coupled with a massive crowd control AOE and some much needed physical damage.

Kindred and Mordekaiser

If you manage to get all the way to Karthus, Kindred and Mordekaiser are excellent secondary in order to pick up the Phantom bonus. Kindred especially is awesome for this team comp to keep them alive for even longer. Mordekaiser provides some front line, but as long as you get your double lockets it's unlikely you'll need his bulk.

Countering this Composition

Countering this comp is largely comprised of running double dragons (Shyvana + Aurelion Sol) and also running Dragon's Claw on some of your other major AOE champions. Beating it down early is also very helpful, as it starving them of items.


Don't fully commit to this composition, but slowly build towards this composition while picking up early units to save your HP until you can get the item and champions necessary. If at all possible, make sure you pick up Needlessly Large Rod rather than Chain Vest early. Most players won't be looking for Chain Vest, but some may pick it up for the Guinsoo's build path.

Interested in trying this build out? Got more tips for this strategy? Comment below!

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