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Mar 6, 2019

Official Patch 9.5 Notes Released!

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The latest reworks to Morgana and Kayle are active coupled with a slew of buffs on champions. You'll definitely want to take note of Tryndamere's latest buffs, which increase his ability to cheese enemy top laners more than ever before. 

If you're playing Yorick, look out for the double whammy nerfs on both the champion and on conqueror; he'll probably be dropping out of God Tier shortly.

Check out the full scoop below!


Buffs: Akali, Neeko, Rakan, Skarner, Vi, Stormrazor, Cho'Gath, Dr. Mundo, Gangplank, Graves, Jhin, Tryndamere, Sylas
Nerfs: Relic Shield, Aftershock, Conqueror, Nunu, Yorick
Reworks: Kayle, Morgana

Patch 9.5 Notes


Hey nerds. Let's all welcome our updated seraphim sisters, Kayle and Morgana!

Not too many crazy new changes this patch, but we're following up with champs like Akali and Sylas, and tuning Conqueror. We're also throwing a bone to the Vi mains and taking a pass at changing up Skarner's Spires. There are a couple of other champions we're monitoring due to their reliance on Conqueror, but until those changes to the rune settle in, we won't be taking any immediate action. (Also, we're gonna nerf Ezreal in 9.6. Still deciding if it'll be via double Tear or Ez directly, but one way or the other... Ezreal nerfs.)

Let's git it.
 Paul "Aether" Perscheid Hanna “shio shoujo” Woo

Patch Highlights


Kayle & Morgana

Kayle and Morgana are ready to take down the guilty. The sisters serve justice in Patch 9.5!

  • Kayle and Morgana Champion Gameplay Trailer

  • Kayle and Morgana Reveal

  • Kayle Champion Spotlight

  • Morgana Champion Spotlight

  • Kayle Bio

  • Morgana Bio

  • High-res versions of Kayle and Morgana's updated splash art are available on League Displays!


    Ring movement speed durations increased. Stealth from turrets adjusted. E damage increased. R cooldown decreased.
    When we nerfed Akali in 9.3, we swang hard on the parts of her kit that frustrated opponents most and caused issues specific to particular skill levels. This left her in a sad state, but we needed to be sure that the mechanics we removed were actually what made Akali problematic. Given the depth of 9.3's changes (mechanical changes have more ramifications than buffing or nerfing damage numbers), if we had tried to keep Akali's overall strength unchanged, she might have remained dominant, making it hard to tell what—if anything—our nerfs actually did.

    Two patches out, we've confirmed that removing Akali's Q heal and W turret stealth went a long way toward making her a healthier champion, so we're now going back in cautiously to bring her back up.

    Passive - Assassin's Mark

    EDGE OF RING MOVEMENT SPEED DURATION1.25 seconds  2 seconds

    W - Twilight Shroud

    STEALTH FROM TURRETSAkali is now only revealed by turrets within a turret's attack range, rather than its sight range
    PEEK-A-BOOAkali now only needs to exit and re-enter her shroud once to extend the shroud's duration by the maximum 3 seconds, rather than extending it by 0.5 seconds six times

    E - Shuriken Flip

    FIRST CAST DAMAGE60/90/120/150/180  70/105/140/175/210
    SECOND CAST DAMAGE60/90/120/150/180  50/80/110/140/170

    R - Perfect Execution

    COOLDOWN120/100/80 seconds  100/85/70 seconds


    E root adjusted.
    The conditions to Neeko's roots were a little complicated so we’re simplifying them to make her more reliable, especially in team fights.

    E - Tangle-Barbs

    ROOT DURATION0.5 seconds on all enemies except the last champion hit; 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3/1.5 seconds against the last champion hit, increased to 1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7/3 seconds if Tangle-Barbs hit at least two enemies 0.7/0.9/1.1/1.3/1.5 seconds on the first enemy hit, 1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7/3 seconds on all other enemies hit
    BUGFIXNo longer disarms enemies


    W damage and dash speed increased.
    The nerf to Rakan's Grand Entrance in 9.2 hindered his playmaking ability. We're giving him back some of that speed, so he can go back to helping his lane partner poke their lane opponents or assist the rest of his team in a crazy fight, while still keeping his R-W initiation in check.

    W - Grand Entrance

    DAMAGE70/115/160/205/250 (+0.7 ability power) 70/120/170/220/270 (+0.7 ability power)
    DASH SPEED1400/1445/1480 (based on type of boots)  1500


    Spire radius increased; Red buff Spire now covers Krugs and Raptors on both sides of the map. Spires removed from minimap.
    We're moving Skarner's red buff Spire to be in range of both Krugs and Raptors, which will give him more options in his jungle pathing and help with his jungle clear in all three monster camps. With this Spire now closer to the Krugs and Raptors, it'll also be harder for opponents to steal it from him due to how deep it'll be in the enemy's jungle.

    We’re also removing the Spires from the minimap, so his counterjungling attempts aren't nearly as obvious to the enemy team.

    Passive - Crystal Spires

    REMOVEDINTRUDER ALARMSpires no longer appear on the minimap
    SPIRE RADIUS1150  1600
    UPDATEDPORQUE NO LOS DOS?Red buff Spire now in range of both Krugs and Raptors


    Attack speed growth decreased. Passive cooldown increased but W now reduces it. Q ratio decreased, no longer deals reduced passthrough damage. W attack speed increased. E AoE can now crit. R cooldown, damage, knockup/knockback increased; no longer deals reduced passthrough damage.
    Vi's been overlooked as a viable jungle pick for quite some time now. To help Vi compete against her peers, we're adjusting her Q and R to do equal damage to everything she hits, powering up her teamfights and speeding up her jungle clear. To balance those changes, she's getting nerfed in some areas, but the overall outcome should be a stronger and more impactful Vi.

    Base Stats:


    Passive - Blast Shield

    COOLDOWN12-8 seconds (levels 1-9)  16-12 seconds (levels 1-9) (see Denting Blows below)
    SHIELD RATIO10% max health  15% max health

    Q - Vault Breaker

    REMOVEDQUARTER POUNDERNo longer deals 25% reduced damage to non-champions
    RATIO1.6 bonus attack damage  1.4 bonus attack damage

    W - Denting Blows

    ATTACK SPEED30/35/40/45/50%  30/37.5/45/52.5/60%
    NEWPASSIVE COOLDOWNBlast Shield's cooldown is now reduced by 3 seconds whenever Denting Blows procs

    E - Excessive Force

    CRITICAL CONESDamage cone can now critically strike
    RATIO1.15 total attack damage, 0.7 ability power  1.1 total attack damage, 0.9 ability power

    R - Assault and Battery

    COOLDOWN110/85/60 seconds  120/100/80 seconds
    DAMAGE150/300/450 (+1.4 bonus attack damage)  150/325/500 (+1.1 bonus attack damage)
    REMOVEDQUARTER POUNDERNo longer deals 25% reduced damage to secondary targets
    SECONDARY TARGET KNOCKBACKVi knocks back enemies she passes through by 250 range over 0.25 seconds  350 range over 0.75 seconds

    Lucian Audio Updates

    Cleaning up some of Lucian's ability audio to make it clearer!
    BULLETSClearer hit audio on Base and Striker Lucian basic attacks, passive-empowered attacks, and The Culling
    ARDENT BLAZECast audio is shimmerier, deep tones on travel audio reduced, target hit sound added. Changes apply to all skins except High Noon which already had them implemented (Heartseeker Lucian's on-hit sound is unchanged).
    RELENTLESS PURSUITDash audio brightened on Base and Striker Lucian


    Relic Shield Line

    Healing decreased.
    We're cutting the ability for tank supports to shrug off harass so other types of supports can compete against them, especially at higher levels of play where bot laners place more of a focus on keeping themselves topped off.
    RELIC SHIELD HEALING15 (+2% target's missing health)  5-30 at 0-100% target's missing health
    TARGON'S BRACE HEALING40 (+2% target's missing health)  10-60 at 0-100% target's missing health
    REMNANT OF THE ASPECT HEALING50 (+2% target's missing health)  15-90 at 0-100% target's missing health


    Given that Stormrazor's update shifted it from a rush item to a late pickup, we erred on the side of undershooting its power to make sure it was a clearly less attractive first buy. But now, it's too weak, so we're buffin' it.
    ATTACK SPEED25%  30%



    Bugfixing Aftershock's resist duration to do what the tooltip says.
    RESIST DURATION3 seconds  2.5 seconds


    We hotfixed Conqueror in the middle of the last patch, decreasing the ranged stack duration and the number of adaptive force per stack. But it's still too strong, especially in the mid to late game . With its new stacking model, champions gain stats leading up to the proc and late game scenarios actually trigger it faster than the previous iterations of Conqueror. We're pulling out some of Conqueror's late game strength while retaining the more core true damage and healing conversion.
    ADAPTIVE FORCE2-10 per stack (10-50 at max stacks)  2-6 per stack (10-30 at max stacks)

    Mid-Patch 9.4 Updates

    (Reminder: These have been live for a while already.)
    ADAPTIVE FORCE3-15 per stack (max 15-75)  2-10 per stack (max 10-50). This change is overwritten by the line above.
    RANGED STACK DURATION3 seconds  2 seconds (melee stack duration still 8 seconds)

    Cut Down

    Making it more competitive with Coup de Grace and Last Stand.
    BONUS DAMAGE4-10%  5-12% (still vs targets with 10%-100% more maximum health than you)

    Simple Changes


    E damage increased.
    Cho'Gath could use a little bit of help early on. Maxing E will help him trade more meaningfully.

    E - Vorpal Spikes

    DAMAGE20/30/40/50/60 to 22/34/46/58/70

    Dr. Mundo

    E magic resist increased.
    Buffing the ol' doctor so players who want an anti-magic damage beefcake have an option in the form of a big purple man.

    E - Masochism

    MAGIC RESIST2% per stack, up to 6/12/18/24/30%  3% per stack, up to 6/15/24/33/42%


    E bonus damage to champions increased. R damage per wave increased.
    Giving Gangplank more pow in his powder so he can fight back against the scallywags of top lane and have more cannons to drop on opponents everywhere else.

    E - Powder Keg

    BONUS DAMAGE TO CHAMPIONS60/90/120/150/180 80/105/130/155/180

    R - Cannon Barrage

    MAGIC DAMAGE PER WAVE35/60/85 (+0.1 ability power)  40/70/100 (+0.1 ability power)
    MAX DAMAGE420/720/1020 (+1.2 ability power)  480/840/1200 (+1.2 ability power)


    Base attack damage increased.
    9.2's jungle experience changes hit scaling champions like Graves the hardest, and 9.3's Stormrazor change was unfavorable to him as well. Given how effective -3 AD was at reining the Outlaw in toward the end of last season, +3 AD should be enough to get him back in gunning shape.

    Base Stats



    Q attack damage increased.
    We're giving Dancing Grenade a little fortissimo since it's such an integral part of his damage pattern.

    Q - Dancing Grenade

    RATIO0.4/0.475/0.55/0.625/0.7 total attack damage 0.45/0.525/0.6/0.675/0.75 total attack damage

    Nunu & Willump

    Health decreased. Q healing decreased.
    Taking the pair's durability down a bit via early game base stats and late-game sustain.

    Base Stats

    HEALTH590  570

    Q - Consume

    HEAL75/120/165/210/255  75/110/145/180/215


    Passive crit chance cap increased late.
    Resolving Tryndamere's long-standing crit chance dilemma: Currently, he needs to overcap on crit chance to reach 100%, but now, he won't need to overload on more than two items.

    Passive - Battle Fury

    CRIT CHANCE CAP PER FURYUp to 35%  35/40/45/50% at levels 1/6/11/16


    W heal increased early, decreased late; heal ratio increased, damage ratio increased.
    Hitting Sylas' tank build.

    W - Kingslayer

    HEAL50/80/110/140/170 (+0.35 ability power) 60/80/100/120/140 (+0.45 ability power)
    DAMAGE RATIO0.55 ability power  0.65 ability power


    Maiden damage and mark proc damage decreased.
    Yorick and his lovely Maiden have been attached at the hips since 9.2, and their collective damage is causing trouble for everyone else. We're reining the Maiden in a little so that the pair, when together, are a little weaker.

    R - Eulogy of the Isles

    MAIDEN DAMAGE10/20/40 (+0.5 Yorick's total attack damage) 0/10/40 (+0.5 Yorick's total attack damage)
    MARK DAMAGE5/7.5/10% target's maximum health  3/6/9% target's maximum health


    Fixed a bug where R could deal damage twice.
    Conqueror plus the changes we made to Rek'Sai last patch are bringing her up to scary levels. We're going to see how this patch’s Conqueror nerfs land before directly looking into nerfing Rek'Sai. As a reminder, read below for the hotfix that went live in 9.4.

    Mid-Patch 9.4 update

    Reminder: This change has been live for a while already.
    BUGFIXFixed a bug where R - Void Rush could deal damage twice if Rek'Sai's target Flashed away the instant Void Rush's damage was dealt


    Surprise—we're extending ARURF by another two patches! Since we've got another month of ultra rapid firing in store, we've also got a ton more balance changes for 9.5. If you're a member of the Golden Spatula club, you'll hang onto your benefits for the full extended duration.
    Let's start with the buffs:


    BUFF+15% damage buff increased to +20%


    BUFF+15% damage, -10% damage taken


    BUFF+5% damage, -10% damage taken


    BUFF+15% damage

    Aurelion Sol

    BUFF+5% damage buff increased to +10%


    BUFF+15% damage buff increased to +20%


    BUFF-5% damage taken buff increased to -10%


    BUFF+5% damage buff increased to +10%


    BUFF+10% damage, -10% damage taken


    BUFF+10% damage buff increased to +20%


    BUFF+10% damage buff increased to +15%


    BUFF+5% damage buff increased to +10%


    BUFF+10% damage, -15% damage taken


    BUFF+20% damage


    BUFF+15% damage, -10% damage taken


    BUFF+15% damage


    BUFF+10% damage


    BUFF-5% damage nerf removed

    Tahm Kench

    BUFF-20% damage taken buff increased to -25%


    BUFF+15% damage


    BUFF+5% damage buff increased to +10%, -5% damage taken buff increased to -10%


    BUFF+10% damage, -15% damage taken


    BUFF+5% damage buff increased to +15%


    BUFF+10% damage buff increased to +15%, -5% damage taken buff increased to -10%


    BUFF-10% damage taken buff increased to -15%


    BUFF+10% damage buff increased to +20%


    BUFF+10% damage

    And of course some nerfs:


    NERF-5% damage nerf increased to -8%


    NERF-5% damage


    NERF-5% damage nerf increased to -10%


    NERF-5% damage


    NERF-5% damage


    NERF-5% damage


    NERF-5% damage nerf increased to -8%


    NERF-5% damage


    NERF-8% damage

    First Elder Dragon

    NERFBurn decreased from 141 over 3 seconds to 90 over 3 seconds

    Second Elder Dragon

    NERFBurn decreased from 255 over 3 seconds to 210 over 3 seconds

    Third Elder Dragon

    NERFBurn decreased from 315 over 3 seconds to 270 over 3 seconds


    • Celerity now properly increases bonus movement speed from Time Warp Tonic
    • Fixed a bug where some champions would sometimes stand in place instead of auto-attacking
    • Zombie Brand's VO no longer plays globally when Brand is in vision
    • Lunar Empress Lux's textures no longer becomes corrupted upon death
    • Darius' Base skin no longer plays God King Darius' E - Apprehend quotes
    • Papercraft Anivia's landing SFX during her recall have been restored
    • When champions shield or bind Papercraft Anivia, they are now a consistent size when compared to her base during Passive - Rebirth
    • Rengar's R - Thrill of the Hunt true sight indicator from the ability is no longer misplaced on Star Guardian Ezreal
    • Udyr's Q - Tiger Stance level-up tooltips now appear
    • Dropping replay files onto the League executable now works in all regions
    • Fixed a bug where the "No Ban" option was missing in the pick/ban phase in Ranked queue

    Upcoming Skins & Chromas

    The following skins will be released this patch. Grab the League Displays app for full-res splash art!
    The following chromas will be released this patch:

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